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Prakash Kanade, Co-founder at LeenaBOT Robotics Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: Can you tell a little bit about the company LeenaBOT Robotics?

Prakash Kanade: LeenaBOT Robotics provides very cost effective and cutting edge technology training to students across the globe, in Robotics, AI and IoT to bridge the gap between Technology and academic study. Our early learning programs are planned to bring innovation in school children to build their future and future of society. We have a global presence with students attending training from different countries USA, UK, India, Canada and number growing. Other than training we spend a lot of efforts on research and development in Embedded, robotics and AI. We have a number of research paper publications and developed prototypes for Robotics, AI applications in Medical and Agricultural areas. Great Companies: What makes LeenaBOT Robotics different from hundreds of other robotics training firms?

Prakash Kanade: Company is built on passion. I have many years of industrial experience in Robotics, AI, IoT and Embedded systems in the USA, India and Malaysia. We have spent many years in research to come-up with products and training in such a way that even very complex projects like building self-driving car can be done by 10yrs old with his own code. We have new Innovative, workshop style training away from traditional training. No ready made kits, students build from scratch, Students have opportunity to think and innovate.

Our faculties are from the USA, India and other countries with Masters degree in Electronics or computer science with Industrial experience. We provide rigorous training to our faculties on how to make difficult subjects like AI and IoT can easily be understood by 10 to 14yrs old and can build their own robot from scratch. Our training is Very cost effective to reach every poor student who wants to innovate. We spend continued effort on research and white paper publications.

Global presence, registered office in Bangalore India and USA. Students attend training from the USA,UK, Canada and India. Students from other countries are also approaching.

Great Companies: What are the various training and services provided by your company?

Prakash Kanade:

1. Fun Robotics training “Robotics Junior” for 6 to 8yrs old

2. Robotics, AI and IoT different level training for age 9 to 18 yrs old

3. Python coding and Automation for age 9 to 18 yrs old

4. Java coding and application development for age 9 to 18 yrs old

5. Game development for age 9 to 18yrs old

Other then training we do research and development of Robotics, AI prototypes for application in Agriculture and medical filed. We provide robotics and automation solutions.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Prakash Kanade: My journey was not an easy one, born in a poor family in a small town in Karnataka India, 5th kid of seven children, My father was a postman with a salary of less than $20 per month. For better life and education I spent all my childhood in Government hostel visiting my family only twice a year. Successfully completed Engineering and Masters in Digital electronics with bank loan. I lost my sister Leena at every young age 12 for Pneumonia due to poverty and no access to good health care, and within two years lost my father also. These were the challenging years that made me strong. LeenaBOT Robotics is named after my sister Leena. LeenaBOT Robotics is committed for 10% donation to medical research and charity. It took 15yrs of continued hard work and many failures in life is rewarded with LeenaBOT and its journey towards success, we just started and have a long way to go.

Great Companies: Why is it essential for young minds to develop coding skills

Prakash Kanade: It's not just coding, our focus is on bringing innovation in early childhood. Sometime back I had written an article in Times of India, it's about how developing countries cant be developed unless we bring in innovation in our education system. There is a huge gap between what we study in school and solving real world problems. Only innovations, new product development can bring in the economy and to build a self sustainable society. Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for LeenaBOT Robotics?

Prakash Kanade: Currently we have a registered office in India and USA, one more office setup in Canada in progress. We have students enrolled in India, USA, Canada and UK. We are getting new enrollment requests from other countries. We have faculties and employees in India, USA, Nigeria and hiring more.

In Next two years we plan to register offices in more countries and have training enrollment from 20 targeted countries.

We are not just training institutes, Our strength is on research and development. Plan to convert our prototype to product development in progress. In next five years we want to be leading Robotics company of India and be in fortune 500 companies list. Great Companies: How do you feel when your company LeenaBOT Robotics was rated as one of the Top 21 Great Companies to watch out for in 2021? Prakash Kanade: We are very much pleased and thank your team for assessing and considering us in this list. We are very fortunate to be considered with other great ventures and Entrepreneurs.


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Prakash Kanade, Co-founder at LeenaBOT Robotics Pvt Ltd, is pioneering advancements in robotics, including innovations like the robotic palletizing system. His leadership is shaping the future of automation across industries.

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