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Pradnya of My Fairytale Wedding

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your start-up? Pradnya: ‘My Fairytale Wedding’ is a wedding planning company that handles each and every aspect of a dream wedding. Our aim is to ensure that the couple’s wedding is the most incredible chapter of their very own storybook, down to the last detail. From Invitations, cakes, catering and décor to bridal couture, make up, jewellery, DJ, entertainment, favours, trousseau and photography…. We take care of everything so that the couple has a happy and stress free experience.

Great Companies:   What distinguishes you from other wedding planners in the country? Pradnya: We, as wedding planners set ourselves apart in three ways. Firstly, our ideas are fresh and never done before. These are reflected in our much appreciated innovative décor. Secondly, we personalise our wedding experiences through unique games, heartfelt give-aways, couple-centric memory walls, themed centrepieces and many more. Thirdly, we provide hassle-free weddings. We soothe the couple’s stresses, help them to clarify their vision and give them their ‘Fairytale Wedding’.

Great Companies:  How are you able to cater to the needs of all your clients in a unique way? Pradnya : Each bride is unique, she envisions her wedding to be an extension of herself …. her dreams, her desires, unique only to herself. We get a peek into that when we meet her. We ideate and craft experiences that revolve around her ‘unique’ dream wedding. Thus, each and every bride is pampered and gets a wedding she dreams about.

Great Companies:  How do you manage to provide your clients a "Fairy tale Wedding"? Pradnya: The idea of a ‘Fairytale’ is different for different couples. For some it may be very Storybook inspired: pink and pastel, soft hue, satin and lace. While for others, it may be inspired from a trip the couple took to Spain : A ‘Spanish Fiesta’ wedding with brightly coloured flowers, spanish tiles and gorgeous fans and costumes. And for a select few it may be as simple as burlap and lace and lavender! We find the ‘fairytale’ for each couple and weave our magic into it to make it a reality.

Great Companies:  How do you plan to improve and increase your market reach? Pradnya : We plan to use a three-pronged approach: One, by talking about and show-casing our work through articles such as these, which will help the readers to understand the uniqueness of our approach. Two, by sharing pictures of our work on social media so that the prospective customers get a look and feel of what they can expect if we work with them. Three, by participating in Wedding Expos and Exhibitions, to build a broader customer base.



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