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Pradnya Kakade Singh: The Brand March

Name: Pradnya Kakade Singh

Business Name: The Brand March

Location: Pune, India

Establishment (Year): 2016

Category/Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Profession/ Specialty: Branding and Digital Marketing

Company details:

We at 'The Brand March' work on a Sustainable Branding Ecosystem approach. Branding for us is discipline. We enable brands to carve their niche in the growth-driven ecosystem. Our approach is to build a sustainable brand for our clients across their value chain. At The Brand March, we offer a spectrum of results-driven branding and digital marketing solutions for industrial, manufacturing, retail, health & wellness, education & training, and professional segments. Our services expand across India, the USA, UAE, and Germany. Our Services: Brand identity creation and positioning Social Media Strategy & Engagement Online Ads Campaign Management Website and App Development 2D and 3D animation video.

Unique selling proposition/ competitive advantage:

We’re a creative and technology-driven branding and digital marketing company. In the fast-paced world where from proposal making to project execution, everything can be standardized and automated, we take a personalized approach. Our methodology is designed for your strategy. We invest our time in understanding and building rapport with our clients. Understanding the space from where our clients operate gives us an edge to align to their thought process, their products, or services to ultimately their target audience. Once we sync, we then gear up for delivering results.

Challenges faced during the journey:

The branding and digital marketing industry have grown multifold over the years, especially during the pandemic. Organizations are now shifting their focus to brand-related communication. As mentioned, branding is discipline. To build it, we need patience and perseverance. In the fast-paced, instant gratification and impulsive world that we live in today, we expect the same and quick results in our branding journey. Today, clients expect a lot from digital, be it sales, lead generation, brand, or engagement. At the same time, I see the patience, consistency and budgets required to meet these expectations don’t justify it. Branding is a long-term game, and to sustain it, we need to follow its rules. While working with companies, we first educate them about our approach, educate them on the processes and why it’s important to be consistent and finally, our approach to arriving at the desired objective.

Advice for women entrepreneurs:

Being an entrepreneur is wearing multiple hats. I would like to urge young entrepreneurs to take ACT. In the dynamic world that we live in today, we are flooded with ideas. But taking that first step towards realizing your idea, no matter how small, is important. The first step will make all the difference. Another thing is being consistent. Entrepreneurship looks exciting because people out there see you grow. However, behind this success, there is a lot of hard work, compromises, frustrations, learnings, and so much more that moulds and blends you into a beautiful sculpture. So yes, it’s an exciting journey, and what's important is having fun and enjoying it. You don't need to look serious about working. You need to be sincere about it.



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