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Pradnya Kakade Singh, Founder at The Brand March

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business

Pradnya Kakade Singh: Working with brands thrills me. Branding & communications have always been closed to my heart. The whole process of ideating brand concepts, building on it, to creating it is exciting. Working with MNCs gave me a great exposure. However, the thought of doing more with brands across industries and expanding my creativity gave rise to The Brand March. The name itself signifies marching with brands to create a lasting impression to engage your audience.

Foreseeing tremendous opportunities right from branding to digital marketing and more, I realized that I could do magic with the brands with the approach and experience I bring on table. With this, I took on my entrepreneurial journey. The journey that began with a thought and transformed into the formation of ‘The Brand March.’

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by The Brand March

Pradnya Kakade Singh: The Brand March offers a spectrum of results-driven branding and digital marketing solutions for industrial, manufacturing, retail, health & wellness, education & training, and professional segments. Our services expand across India, the USA, UAE, and Germany.

Our Services

  1. Brand identity creation and positioning

  2. Social Media Strategy & Engagement

  3. Digital Marketing Strategy

  4. Online Ads Campaign Management

  5. Website and App Development

  6. Design collaterals

  7. 2D and 3D animation video

  8. Photography

Great Companies: What makes The Brand March different from hundreds of other Branding and Digital Marketing Firms?

Pradnya Kakade Singh :

We’re a Creative and Technology Driven Digital Branding Company. In the fast-paced world where from proposals making to project execution everything can be standardized and automated, we take a personalized approach. Our methodology is designed for you strategy. We invest our time in understanding and building rapport with our clients. Understanding the space from where our clients operate gives us an edge to align to their thought process, their products, or services to ultimately their target audience. Once we sync, we then gear up for delivering results.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Pradnya Kakade Singh: Branding and digital marketing industry have grown multifold over the years, especially during the pandemic. People have a lot of expectations from the digital marketing media. Companies who otherwise never felt digital is the platform for them to be on, the pandemic have opened opportunities for some while forced other to try and explore the digital space. This has given a rise to a lot of confusion and challenges at the same time.

Today, clients are expecting a lot from digital be it sales, lead generation, brand or engagement. At the same time, I see the level of patience, consistency and budgets required to meet these expectations doesn’t justify. This gives rise to either blaming that digital doesn’t work or it’s not a platform for us.

To mitigate this, we work closely with our clients by first educating them, sharing knowledge, keeping them informed of the processes and approaches we are taking to arrive at the desired results.

On the other hand, there are many companies and individuals in the branding and digital marketing. There is no standard format or cost structure, this further adds up to the challenge.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for The Brand March?

Pradnya Kakade Singh: The Brand March has a vision to be the most preferred branding partner providing a spectrum of branding and digital marketing services globally across industries. With this while we are now a branding and full-fledged digital marketing company, we plan to take more data-oriented approach by offering real-time business value to our customer through data analytics to business intelligence service. We see ourselves become an integral part of organizations strategic branding partner who align and set-up their entire customer journey and lead nurturing process.

Learning is imbibed into the culture of The Brand March. Our team be it graphic designers, content writers or developers are constantly following and learning with the trends and updated with latest algorithms. This keeps us going and gives us a competitive edge.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Pradnya Kakade Singh: Follow your dreams and don’t be afraid of failure or what others might say. The best way is to START. Don’t procrastinate or delay your plans.

Entrepreneurship is a learning journey, and you will learn in the process. I believe in execution. Once you are on the execution mode, opportunities will start unfolding, you will get answers to questions that otherwise were not evident, people will come to support you and it will be your amazing journey.

Moreover, as much as you are the subject matter expert, it is equally important for one to have the business acumen. Take care of your financial planning, know the profitability of your business, resource and time management are other important aspects. Be a good leader but at the same time a great team player.



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