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Prabu Loganathan of Trendy InterioS

Great Companies:  Kindly brief the services provided by your firm. Prabu: We are Modular Interior Manufacturer with RTA (Ready to assemble) system executor, Also do Interior works execution at site as per architectural needs or as per direct customer requirements, We take both Residential and Commercial works,.

Great Companies: Why should one choose Trendy InterioS over others?

Prabu: 1. Design and quote approval in prior to start work 2. Computerized Raw material Optimization and Procurement to Reduce the wastage 3. Machines to reach the required unique quality 4. 0% wastage (We do wall decorative boxes out of off cuts and Sale in our outlet) 5. Assuring Healthy Interior by Ultra low formaldehyde Emission (E1 Grade). Great Companies:  Why do you think it is necessary to hire an interior designer?

Prabu: We strongly recommend interior design and execution plan in advance, To assure following things

1. Reduce Material Wastage

2. Optimize working time and workmanship

3. Hierarchical Commitment of works to Complete the job as planned.

4. Doing implementation on design stage will be easy and No cost involved.

Great Companies: What was the intention behind the initiation of this venture?

Prabu:In our Present life style, Two things are very costlier 1. Space 2. Time.

1. Space - Yes, we use our eagle eyes to use the space in comfortably, Precisely, Needfully and Aesthetically.

2. Time -  We Eagerly reduce time by Designing , Optimizing raw material, Manufacture and Site Execution with Detailed drawing,

Skilled and trained technicians and Carpenter.

Great Companies:  Do you have any message for the young graduates in the field?

Prabu: We are very much interested to provide opportunity to younger, we do training and en garage them to develop their knowledge and life style in industrially and personally,  



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