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Poojan Shah- Proprietor of Popaya(R) Technologies

GREAT COMPANIES: Can you commence by telling a little about your start –up?

POOJAN SHAH: At Popaya Technologies we provide exemplary services for web development to start-ups, small and medium sized businesses. At Popaya we believe in lifting the burden off the customer by helping them  save their time and energy on virtual presence and thus help them focus to grow. In today's time, virtual presence is a must. So at Popaya Technologies we present you in the best possible way. GREAT COMPANIES: How do you manage your clients?

POOJAN SHAH: At Popaya Technologies our clients are of utmost importance to us. We are available round the clock 24*7 for our clients. We personally meet our clients, understand their problems and expectations and develop websites accordingly. Expect regular updates and prompt action on problems. We also offer additional services like data upload, content writing, proof reading, domain,hosting and e- mail consulting  to ease off the burden of the client. GREAT COMPANIES: What is the purpose of your company?

POOJAN SHAH: Today, due to technology, the world has come closer making virtual presence essential. A website can take you places and get you connected where you wouldn't have thought of. Learning about a company, it's services, products etc is just a click away. Globally also, contact forms and emails are preferred. So the purpose is to give our clients this platform where they can connect themselves nationally as well as internationally. As far as Popaya Technologies is concerned we slowly and steadily want to expand our wings into gaming, animation and VFX. This is backed by my Masters in Animation (U.S.A) and working with stalwarts in this business- Disney Pixar, Sony Pictures and DreamWorks.As much as our enthusiastic, hardworking and dedicated team.

GREAT COMPANIES:  What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job?

POOJAN SHAH: Challenges are a part of every walk of life. They not only help you strengthen your company but also lead to find new solutions. Our challenges are: 1. There are many website developers in this arena. Freelancers generally take up work for cheap and fail miserably with the quality, service and expectations of the client. But Popaya Teachnologies has time and again proved themselves with their exemplary service, quality and client relationship. 2. Data collection is a task which the client finds troublesome. The development of the website is stalled because the content is not submitted. We have by far tried to tackle this by providing our content writing services.

GREAT COMPANIES: How does this company define and measures success?

POOJAN SHAH: Success for us is our customer service, client satisfaction and 24*7 customer service. The positive testimonials we receive motivate us to deliver our best. Also happy clients help us with word of mouth publicity. Also our recurring clients who keep coming to us speaks volumes of our work. Happy clients, happy us!



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