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Pooja Goswami, Founder at Ramja Genosensor Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Pooja Goswami: I was a clinical Scientist at department of Gastroenterology at A.I.I.M.S. Delhi, treating my father for cancer. I lost my father due to infection during his battle towards cancer, he won cancer but infection defeated him, and so I lost him in Oct 2014 , Since than I am trying some better solution for infection detection, So an physician can provide the exact antibiotic treatment. So we started our startup in 13 April 2018 and since than we are working on it. First of all how, to start this all together new technology was a big challenge, difficult to make it believe for others. Then funding, where BIRAC support us and further where to work is a big question, where FITT comes into picture and facilitate all possible facilities. So since 13 March 2019, we are placed in 2nd floor FITT, synergy building I.I.T. Delhi as “RAMJA Genosensor pvt. Ltd. We received 50 lakh rupees BIG grant and right now incubating at Foundation for Innovation and technology transfer ( FITT) at IIT Delhi. We also success selected for the Pfizer award for intellectual property. Our start up is got selected in University of Texas' Innovation Readiness Series TM program.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by RAMJA Genosensor Pvt Ltd

Pooja Goswami : RAMJA Genosensor is an med-tech startup, which works on deep tech innovation. We are a med-tech start-up based on cutting-edge technology in terms of innovation, We developed two product, first is paper based Genosesnor to detect infection and antibiotic resistance and second innovation is where, we develop first Indian nanotechnology based multipurpose surface disinfectant spray, NANOSHOT. It kills 99.9% viruses, bacteria, fungi. It start Killing within 30 seconds and completely kill the germs in 30 minutes, and once it start, it continue to work on surface for 4 days.

Great Companies: What makes Ramja Genosensor Pvt Ltd different from hundreds of other Medtech firms?

Pooja Goswami :

RAMJA is not involve in routine research, we are working on resolution, The solution, which we are working, is never done before in INDIA, That makes us different from existing startups.

First innovation : Infection-detection, is being a critic issue in serious patient, causes several death in day to day basis (60-80% death in ICU patients), but still ignored, since last 100 of years, people depends on culture for infection and antibiotic testing, But Culture give results in 3-5 days. So without waiting result of culture Physician do prescribe immediate antibiotic treatment to the patients. Which lead to antibiotic resistance and high mortality.

So, in RAMJA, we are trying to fill this gap of time, to save life, which will be useful, for both Physician and doctors too. This is very innovative and socially impactful work which makes us different from crowd.Hence, we offers smart, innovative paper-based biosensors for the detection of microbial infection and antibiotic resistance within 90 minutes.

Our second innovation, is also not lesser with first-one. During covid pandemic, to prevent frequent washing of surface, we develop first Indian nanotechnology based multipurpose surface disinfectant spray, NANOSHOT.

Why it is first and one in only one solution,

  • First of all It is completely alcohol and hypochlorite-free solution.

  • The one-shot of NANOSHOT is effective for the period of continuous 96 hours (4days).

  • It kills 99.9% viruses, bacteria, fungi. It start Killing within 30 seconds and completely kill the germs in 30 minutes, and once it start, it continue to work on surface for 4 days, (NO NEED TO REPEAT CLEANING AGAIN) So, It will keep the surface, germ free, dirt free for continuous 4 days, just after one spray.

  • Efficacy: NANOSHOT has an efficiency rate of 99.9% on all viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and it lasts for four days (96 hour) after a single spray. NANOSHOT has been validated in NABL accredited and ISO certified lab. NANOSHOT is also dermatological tested and we found it has no side effects on skin and it is completely safe. Its already available in market.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Pooja Goswami : We have faced several challenges, i.e., to get this technology, start from scratch to working MVP, was a difficult nut to crack, right section of employee, was a critical issue, Having continuous funding is pain point, For that, we have continuously applied in several, grand challenges, and receive almost 1 crore funding from Indian and international funding Programme, government and corporate, BIRAC-DBT-BIG-12, PFIZER, FACEBOOK, NIDHI COVID GRANT.

During Nanoshot, there was a challenge, in finding right partner, for manufacturing, packaging, logistic and so on. But due to grace of god and my family (my husband, my mother and my cute son) support, I could unturned all stone, to beat the hurdles.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for RAMJA Genosensor Pvt Ltd?

Pooja Goswami: As every owner, I also have a dream, to be an unicorn, but my dream, is not be an Indian unicorn only, I want to be get globally renowned Unicorn. Which I believe, one day, RAMJA will be in the top list of country, and you will be interviewing again that time to us.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Pooja Goswami: If you really have passion and want to start something new, Then my philosophy is go with your full heart and with full passion and dedication, don’t look back, give your 200%, to make it work, if you get fail, wait for some time but be persistent with smart vision.

Always take opinion, with those, who help and understand your vision at initial stage. Even take opinion with you employee, who are young, it will give them confidence. This is what I follow.



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