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Pioneering a New Era of Social Media: MeWe Doubles Down on Privacy & Control With its Move to Web3

MeWe was born more than 10 years ago as an alternative to “Big-Tech” social media. While other platforms collected users’ data to sell to advertisers, MeWe offers an ad-free, privacy-first experience that contains no algorithms, no spyware and no newsfeed manipulation. Built on this ethos, MeWe has grown to more than 20 million worldwide users and over 600,000 vibrant community groups, each a testament to its commitment to fostering authentic and meaningful social interactions across an expansive array of captivating interests. As pioneers of privacy-centric social networking, MeWe remains dedicated to protecting its users in an age when privacy is a precious commodity. This approach sets them apart, offering a return to the original promise of social media, one that enables genuine, human connection.

Early in 2023 MeWe doubled down on its commit to user privacy and control by beginning its migration to the Polkadot blockchain. Through its partnership with Amplica Labs MeWe adopted Web3 technologies via the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP) – an open-source internet protocol released by Project Liberty - that allows users to claim a universal handle and access the Social Web – an evolution of the internet in which social networking functionality is delivered as part of the web itself. These features further empower its users and strengthen its commitment to providing a social media experience that protects users’ data and is free from the algorithms, amplification, and manipulation.

As of early November 2023, MeWe had 150,000 active users on Web3 and became the first social network to move users at scale to the blockchain without disruption of their current user experience. With this migration MeWe places the reins of control firmly in the hands of its users, granting them sovereignty over their social graph, their data and the totality of their social media experience.

While MeWe’s move to Web3 is just underway, their mission continues to be to transcend the confines of technology and innovation; through an unyielding dedication to a broader social cause, one that seeks to tip the scales of power from the colossal tech behemoths back into the hands of individuals. Our ultimate aim is to restore the rightful control over digital lives to those to whom it belongs—the people themselves. In this evolutionary juncture, MeWe marks a momentous milestone in the trajectory of social networking, reaffirming the resolute commitment to championing the ideals of user autonomy and safeguarding privacy in the ever-evolving and complex landscape of the digital era.

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