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Perminder Singh Malik, President at Scope For Change

Great Companies: What inspired you to start the NGO??

Perminder Singh Malik: For a long, I have been doing various humanitarian activities at a personal level based on 3 main Sikh Principles, for which I have received an award from the Minorities Commission, Govt of NCT Delhi. I never felt contentment because I realized that there was a disconnect between the change-makers and beneficiaries, as they face challenges in terms of funding, volunteering, management and strategic thinking. Thus, I planned to start a non-profit to support their initiatives in the best possible way through collaborative efforts to have a life-lasting impact. Secondly, in my view, we can create significance in a more organized way through a non-profit directly supporting the beneficiaries.

Great Companies: Under Scope for Change, what are the various activities?

Perminder Singh Malik: Initially, our focus was to shape the future of underprivileged kids through education and work towards the betterment of the Environment. But amid Covid19, several other raising issues gained our attention. As a result, we expanded the focus area as per the need of the hour. That's how we introduced three more verticals, such as Women's Empowerment, Social Well Being and Health. As per the name of our causes, we have several ongoing and upcoming projects under each head. Every project's end goal is to create a better tomorrow.

Great Companies: What makes Scope For Change different from the hundreds of similar nonprofit organizations?

Perminder Singh Malik:

Our team's attitude; we continuously strive towards creating a better tomorrow. We launch our projects with a goal and divert all our attention towards achieving it. The striking part is how the team works day and night to achieve the Vision of the organization. Most importantly, our collaborative approach of working with various other non-profits by supporting them in their projects.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Perminder Singh Malik: We struggled in making our position in society, which we accepted as a challenge by finding creative ways of converting it into an opportunity for the success of our organisation. Dedication in volunteering efforts is another which we have been facing and we have changed our approach and gradually we would be able to overcome that.

Great Companies: What service plans do you have for the future? How will Scope For Change look five years from now?

Perminder Singh Malik: Though we have several small projects which we initiated during the COVID19; considering it as a need of the hour; We have decided to keep them running in parallel by keeping our focus on Education, Environment and Women’s Empowerment projects. We are looking at more innovative ways to serve the society which can solve some of the complex problems of the marginal communities.

Five years down the line, we will look like education transformers for the underprivileged sector, environment savers for the nation and supporters of the women’s empowerment sector.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Perminder Singh Malik: It would be to have patience, as it will always support you in carrying your goals towards success. While you are on your journey, you might face various challenges in this sector, which you cant imagine. Try to make it a part of your routine, as making life better for someone is not easy.



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