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Parth Gheewala of Thyme and Whisk

Great Companies: How do you ensure your customers' satisfaction?

Parth Gheewala: Customers are like God to us. Our main aim is to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied & happy to return for our quality Gourmet Food & Presentation and an Exemplary Hospitality.

-We provide Pre-Booking/Reservations Services and make sure that the customers get their table on time as promised.

-we greet the customers with a smile as soon as they enter our premises and escort them to a comfortable seating in vibrant ambience.

-Our Staff is well trained to suggest dishes according to the customer’s cuisine preference as well as they do  remember regular customer’s Food & Drink choices that creates a sense of bond with customers.

-Pick-up of food for Dine-in /home delivery is done only after it’s been double checked and it’s always ensured that food is served on time. 

- We take customers feedback/ opinions regularly & very seriously.

-We also respond to online complaints, suggestions and compliments.

-Additionally, we also compensate for any mistakes/complaints through offer or discounts to create a sense of value amongst our customers.

-We seldom keep 'special dish /drink of the day/ seasonal dishes' which is out of our menu.

-We provide facility of all modes of payments.

- 100% hygiene and cleanliness is our prime concern in Dine-in area as well as in kitchen.

-Last but not the least, we organize live music/events on weekends and public holidays to create a mesmerising dining experience for our customers.

-We also have facilty of Valet parking service to make coming to the restaurant hassle free for our customers.

Great Companies: What are your specializations? Parth Gheewala: - Our Huge Menu thats includes all types of cuisines like North Indian ,Italian, Mexican, Sizzlers , Chinese, Pan Asian, Coffee, Drinks and Unique Desserts under one roof that caters to all age groups. - Our USP is our Fusion Food & Desserts that showcases our creativity in playing with Taste and Presentation.  - We are indeed a vegetarian paradise for all veg food lovers. - Our entire Restaurant is donned with  Plush Couch Seating that provides atmost Comfort and Luxury to the customers. Great Companies: How was your initial years? Kindly brief your journey. Parth Gheewala: -For being completely naive in F&B & Hospitality Industry, things were pretty challenging initially but our passion for entrepreneurship and with a deep love & knowledge for food, we could sail those rough waters. With a lot of Research, we finalised the concept of our Restaurant which was to bring Gourmet Cuisines & Fusion Food which was completely new thing in Vadodara at that time, however, we were unaware that this concept will bring challenge for us. From finding right staff to cost management to introducing offbeat cuisine like Thai-Mediterranean to the people of Vadodara was quite arduous as not many were adoptive to its taste. However, with persistence and positive approach, we could give immersive dining experience to our patrons and soon, our hard work and creativity paid off when we got a recognition in one of the esteemed online platflorm "Curly Tales" for our unique Fusion Food & Hospitality.  Not only this, but we also got a breakthrough when we were approached for a franchise in a metropolitan Bengaluru. Though it was new challenge to set up a franchise outlet and manage it successfully, our excitement and our hard work knew no bounds, and soon within a year, we opened our first successful franchise in Bengaluru.

Great Companies: There has been a huge rise in the number of hotels, what makes you unique and keep you going in the race ? Parth Gheewala: There are a lot of factors that play role in keeping us above our competitors: -Of All, the most important factor is the consistency in our Food Taste and warm Hospitality and Service.  -Secondly, we do intense Research & Trials to come-up with the new menu every year, that keeps excitement running in our customers. -Thirdly, its our menu, that has variety of Cuisines and a lot of interesting Fusion dishes. -In Addition to this, our team frequently does interaction with customers on feedback and take their opinion in a positive way for improvement which creates a sense of value in customer. Great Companies: How do you ensure the quality of your dishes and the cleanliness of your workspace ? Parth Gheewala: We, at Thyme and Whisk Restaurant, have developed our own Recipe Book and formatted them in SOP form. All chefs are trained using it.  -We also strictly follow quality control of all Raw materials, Canned Products  and Vegetables at in-coming stores before dispatch to the kitchen and also mezza - preparations are double checked at the kitchen area. -We have also established 5S system at our premises to ensure Cleanliness and Hygiene.

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1 Comment

kamlesh bokadia
kamlesh bokadia
Mar 09, 2023

Please start in your restaurant


Roti & paratha thanks

We are regular going your baroda thyme & Whisk

Great food

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