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Own a restaurant? Make it people's favorite with NutnBolt.

NutnBolt is an exceptionally renowned business management start-up in the F&B industry. It provides an end-to-end restaurant management guide and execution services to help a restaurant learn new strategies and adapt to the digital shift. Nutnbolt becomes the white collared team for its restaurant partners and takes the complete responsibility of growing the restaurant.

Founded in 2019 by Arpita Aditi, this start-up has taken the food industry by storm. It is located in Bangalore, Karnataka and is servicing restaurants PAN India.

Arpita Aditi was an employee of Swiggy in Bengaluru as the National Partnership Manager. During her tenure at Swiggy she met large teams and held meetings with the national chain CEOs. She said that these large businesses had ample resources to guide and execute plans on their behalf so as to boost the growth of the company. In start-ups however, these resources lack. As a result the newly formed food hubs make slower progress, sometimes even no progress at all. Before the online shift of the entire food industry, the small and medium-sized restaurants had been doing quite well on their own. They ran a conventional brick and mortar restaurant business. They successfully ran their businesses by applying business plan and wisdom. But with the digital shift, their entire effort of running a business seemed to go in vain. It made it difficult for them to adapt to these technological advancements.


Arpita, in an interview, said that because of the digital shift, dine-ins started vanishing, the delivery aggregators demanded high commission and it became a pain to reach their third party contact. Wisdom was now replaced by digital marketing strategies, following latest market trends, cloud kitchens, new apps, knowing and targeting the right audience, etc.


With so much to cope up with, these small players found it harder to keep up and compete. The small restaurant owners would handle everything on their own- from supply chains, management of their staff members, accounts, customer service, customer satisfaction, etc. To unlearn and relearn everything from became an added burden to these owners. Arpita said that the need of the hour was to create a solution for this unfair prejudice and visible informational asymmetry.

Along with her partner Niteesh Jaiswal and Narendra Malhotra, she founded her business venture in 2019. Niteesh was her previous colleague at Little App, and had later founded Octo Internet which created POS systems and worked towards digitizing the cafeterias of the corporates. Narendra Malhotra is a veteran of the FnB industry and was at the CXO level at Pizza Hut, Future group, Olive group. Arpita had worked with Narendra when she was with Swiggy and he was the CEO for Oriental cuisines. They together grew his brands by more than 2X in less than 6 months.

The whole purpose of launching the business was to support and explore creative food concepts as well as boosting the business of existing restaurants by getting in touch with entrepreneurs, restaurants, etc. It helps brands grow their reach efficiently, build network and increase market knowledge while minimizing the risks that come while launching a business.

NutnBolt provides a comprehensive package to its users, which differs vastly from its competitors. All other brands are focused on tech-only solutions. NutnBolt not only provide with growth and delivery strategies, but also undertakes execution level responsibilities for all its on-board clients. Another advantage of its clients would be that they are provided with an Omni-platform outlook.

In the last two years Nutnbolt has managed end to end business of 100+ restaurants and has generated 30 cr+ incremental revenue for them.

Nutnbolt is now on the mission to launch their own chain of Umbrella brands which will fulfil the gap in the supply of regional everyday meals in India.

They would be using the existing infrastructure and kitchen capabilities of small and medium restaurant to fulfil the orders thus giving restaurateurs a better ROI on their assets.

NutnBolt is currently a team of 22. Though the number seems less, all the employees are highly experienced and educated, making this venture a success on a daily basis. The brand is growing at the rate of 30% month to month. The website of the company is made as user-friendly as possible. It has variety of options for its clients’ and is visible on the top of the website. It starts with a brief introduction about this company so that people can have knowledge about its functioning right in the beginning.

Under the service section, one can see services provided in various fields like business solutions, tech solutions, and Marketing and documentation ninja. This wide spectrum helps clients choose what suits best for them. NutnBolt not only provides solutions but strategies to enhance the restaurants’ outlooks. This is visible through their services in food packaging. If the packaging looks like efforts are put in to impress customers, half the battle is won already! The packaging makes food instragram-friendly, in return increasing the reach of the restaurant’s name. The same is done with the food photographers they provide. The more delicious a platter looks, the more the chances of customers buying them. It also increases one’s appetite, assuring more profit to the food outlet.

NutnBolt, founded by Arpita Aditi, is a revolution in the food industry, and bliss for restaurants with limited resources. With their creative ideas and unique strategies, clients’ can now face business threats with ease.



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