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ONE Business Consulting Group

Business Name: ONE Business Consulting Group

Name:Givy Dhaliwal

Location: Mohali, India

Establishment (Year): 2008

Category / Industry:IT Services

Sub Category / Sub Industry: IT Consulting / IT Management / Project Management

Number of employees: >100

Company Detail:

ONE BCG is a global software consulting firm with over 22 years of Digital Transformation experience solving complex problems with technology and delivering innovative solutions. They work together with the brightest minds to deliver comprehensive and scalable solutions focusing on user experience and technical excellence.

ONE BCG strives and constantly works to be the best technology and business partner globally and innovate and evolve to deliver on the needs.

The solutions to Customer problems:

Problem- They solve complex business problems with technology and deliver

innovative solutions. They seamlessly blend insights, strategy, design and

engineering to support the most disruptive companies and generate unparalleled

commercial returns for our clients.

Solution- They deliver integrated businesses solutions on a global scale. From

financial giants and the hospitality industry to revolutionary healthcare start-ups,

they've built solutions that meet our clients, niche demands.

Unique Value Proposition:

They bring proven and extensive experience with commitment to integrity and delivering what they promise.

Their agile delivery and enthusiastic teams continue to shape solutions that help their clients navigate technology disruption, build a robust foundation, and create impactful, secure digital transformation to enable business growth.

Target Market:

Mid to Large enterprise clients who are looking for an innovative technology partner



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