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Omkar Tadepalli- CEO & MD of Caprus IT Private Limited

Great Companies: Can you please tell a little about Caprus IT? Omkar Tadepalli: Started in the year 2007, CaprusIT is a global software solutions and integration services provider that designs, develops, integrates, and maintains business applications to solve complex mission-critical business problems of its clients.  Have strong footprints in Dallas (United States) and Hyderabad (India). It continues to groom and set standards for innovation and quality thanks to its key asset - People. Has around 13 years of strong and sustained year on year growth while delivering path-breaking solutions from enhancing the effectiveness of a CRM initiative, increasing efficiency in supply chain management or transforming business processes to implementing an enterprise solution. Great Companies: What are the services Caprus It provide to its customers? Omkar Tadepalli: Caprus IT is proficient in Offshore Development Services and Product

  • Application Development & Maintenance

  • Application Management Outsourcing

  • Testing

  • Technology & Business Consulting

  • Project Management Consulting

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Business Process Outsourcing

Great Companies:  How do you manage your customers? Omkar Tadepalli: Caprus IT communicates itself as a partner rather than a vendor to its customers, thereby working closely with them.  This helps Caprus IT to align and help customer achieve their goals and in future planning.  Apart from the regular project management tools, we constantly have scheduled calls with our customers, understand their requirements, pain areas and suggest them in terms of strategy, technology and market trends which helps them to take better and informed decisions. We keep our customers happy by delivering what is promised and within the agreed budget.

Great Companies: What makes Caprus IT different from others? Omkar Tadepalli: We are industry agnostic and with a flexible development approach & working models.  Has team with varied experience at all levels and across the industries & subject matter experts. Our ability to develop scalable software solutions that solves the most crucial business problems of modern age organizations, flourishing enterprises & start-up communities is our USP. Great Companies: What is the secret behind the success of Caprus IT? Omkar Tadepalli: Our secret to success is our team, a talent pool of young and dynamic minds that always lived up to and exceeded the expectations.  They have been part of our journey thus far and always willing to go that extra mile.  Customers believed in us and rely on our quality services.  Dedication and commitment of our Senior Management is big plus to our organization.




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