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Nikhil of Grand Sports Events & Management

Great Companies: What all services does your company provides?

Nikhil: End to End solutions for sports events which includes VENUE , EMCEE , FABRICATION & BRANDING , CATERING , OFFICIALS , DJ , AUDIO & VISUALS , PHYSIOTHERAPISTS , YOGA TRAINING , FITNESS TRAINING , completely customizable packages , Introducing AMC - Sports & Fitness for corporates . 

Great Companies: What all challenges did the company face since its inception in 2017? How did it manage to overcome them?

Nikhil: We had had to see some of the difficult phase in business overcoming the impact of DEMONETIZATION which acted as a huge barrier but we believed in our ability and passion drove us throughout and we have managed to organize 100 + events 

Great Companies: How do you manage to cater to the various needs and requirements of your clients?

Nikhil : We are having a planning team which analyses the requirement of clients and based on the understand we suggest them options of services with different price points & quality and make sure the event is organized in a efficient way. 

Great Companies: What gives your company an edge over other event managing companies?

Nikhil: We are a EXCLUSIVE SPORTS EVENTS management company , We are a company which organizes GSEM events & also manage events for clients so we know best as we understand the requirement in a sportsman point of view.. 

Great Companies: What is your vision and mission? How far have you been successful in achieving it?

Nikhil: Our vision is to create platform for youngsters / sports enthusiasts to be able to participate and compete at advanced levels and We have organized 30+ GSEM events so far and are bringing people together.. 



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