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Nigel Mathew: Executive Director of Disha

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your start-up?

Nigel Mathew: We have a one of its kind start-up in India in the space of Digital Marketing called BizEdge | Disha.

In a nutshell, this business will revolutionize online marketing by partnering with clients as an e-retailer / e-wholesaler. This means the company will take over the online sales business of the client through an MOU and then sell the products/services to the end consumers through its own digital marketing initiatives.

What the client needs to do is to take care of the last-mile delivery logistics. The Client can totally outsource their online sales and marketing to us and they just need to fulfil the delivery.

Great Companies: How do you manage to provide tailored solutions according to the needs of each client?

Nigel Mathew:  Since our parent company has been in the business of advertising and marketing communication for over 3 decades, we have the knowledge base, experience and expertise to provide customised solutions for over 400+ categories of business.

Great Companies:  How do you plan to improve and increase your market reach?

Nigel Mathew: We are planning to achieve this organically through the clients of our parent company as well as direct market through digital media and client pitches.

Great Companies:  How do you provide such quality services to your clients? Is it because of your team or your methods?

Nigel Mathew:  As a matter of fact, it is both. Like I said earlier, we have the manpower, experience and we also have several proprietary tools and methods to tackle each client’s category of business through an accumulated 33 years of expertise of our parent company.

Great Companies:  What do you plan to achieve 5 years down the line?

Nigel Mathew:  It is tough to predict during this COVID19 situation, but we are looking at this model of business yielding us the growth of 20% year on year.



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