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Neha Garg : Red Kite Consulting Private Limited

Name: Neha Garg

Business Name: Red Kite Consulting Private Limited

Location: Delhi, India

Establishment (Year):2007

Profession/ Specialty: Executive Search Consulting, Migration Consulting, Education Consulting, Real Estate Consulting, Brand Consulting & Aviation Consulting.

Company Detail:

Red Kite Consulting is a renowned multi-faceted consulting company and a trusted partner and counsel for global corporations, institutions, professionals and students.

They drive change, innovation, excellence and transformation across all our practices to ensure extraordinary results . Through their business verticals of Executive Search, Education, Migration, Real Estate, Aviation and Branding they help both organizations and individuals to succeed and realize their goals.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

One of their main USPs include their stellar reputation and unparalleled success in the industry. It can be referred to the client testimonials on the website.

Challenges faced during the Journey:

The only challenge is to have a great team that grows with us and are willing to learn, not job hoppers.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

The main advice that Neha would like to give anyone is to believe in ourselves and be genuine and transparent in our business dealings. She also says that if we have the right grey matter coupled with passion, success will automatically follow.



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