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Natalie (Natty) Bernasconi: Winner of the 2024 Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur Award

Name: Natalie (Natty) Bernasconi

Business Name: Social By Natty Ltd

Location: Canterbury, Kent , United Kingdom ( UK)

Establishment (Year): 2024

Category: Advertising & Marketing

Profession/ Specialty: Social Media Marketing

Social Media : Linkedin

Company Detail:

Natty Bernasconi leads a pioneering social media marketing consultancy dedicated to demystifying digital strategies for aesthetic-driven creators and businesses. The core offerings center around personalized social media marketing coaching, strategic audits, and actionable content planning, with a particular focus on Instagram.

The services are meticulously tailored to empower businesses in the skincare, boutique, coffee, and design industries, as well as motivated mothers eager to make their mark online.

Natty Bernasconi prides herself on transforming the social media landscape into a comprehensible and manageable platform for her clients, emphasizing practical, no-nonsense strategies over fleeting trends.

At the heart of the consultancy is the VIP Day—a comprehensive package that includes a deep-dive audit, strategy formulation, and a 90-day content plan designed to streamline and optimize the clients' social media presence. For those seeking ongoing support, the Monthly 1:1 Coaching and Strategy sessions offer personalized guidance to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Additionally, the "Office Hours" provide ad-hoc, focused consultations for immediate strategic needs, while the Small Group Intensives foster a sense of community and shared learning in a more intimate setting.

What sets the consultancy apart is not just the service but the approach: a blend of no-fluff, tested strategies tailored to save time, enhance productivity, and foster genuine connections online.

Clients engaging with the services can expect to walk away with a clear, actionable plan that demystifies social media marketing and turns it into a powerful tool in their business arsenal. Results include enhanced online visibility, increased engagement, authentic brand storytelling, and a strategic approach to content that drives business growth.

The approach ensures that clients not only understand the 'how' but also the 'why' behind each strategy, empowering them to take control of their digital narratives with confidence and creativity. Through personalized coaching and strategic planning, Natty Bernasconi helps clients achieve a tangible increase in their digital footprint, turning followers into loyal customers and amplifying their online impact.

Founded on extensive experience as a digital nomad, educator, and mother, the consultancy embodies a commitment to authenticity, efficiency, and strategic clarity in a world overwhelmed by digital noise.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

What sets the consultancy apart is the fusion of Natty Bernasconi's diverse background and a uniquely holistic approach to social media marketing. Unlike other services in the market, she leverages experiences from a decade of nomadic living, years as a pre-school teacher, and being a mother to bring unparalleled depth and empathy to her coaching. This unique perspective allows crafting strategies that are not only effective but also deeply understanding of the challenges and aspirations specific to clients.

The consultancy goes beyond mere strategy and content planning; it embodies a philosophy of digital wellness and mindful marketing. Natty Bernasconi recognizes the importance of mental health and work-life balance in the digital age, integrating these elements into coaching to ensure clients not only thrive online but also maintain harmony offline.

Another distinct advantage is the emphasis on long-term relationships rather than transactional interactions. Natty Bernasconi invests in the success of her clients over time, offering continuous support and adaptation to the ever-changing digital landscape. This commitment to client success is mirrored in the "Office Hours" and Small Group Intensives, which are designed to provide ongoing learning and community support, creating a network of collaboration and mutual growth.

Furthermore, the dedication to testing and applying strategies firsthand before recommending them stands out. This hands-on approach guarantees that the advice is not just theoretically sound but also proven in practice, offering clients a level of reliability and trustworthiness that is rare in the industry.

In a market saturated with trend-driven advice, the grounded, tested, and empathetic approach makes the consultancy a beacon for those seeking not just to navigate the digital world but to excel in it with integrity and purpose.

Challenges Faced During the Journey

Navigating the path to where she stands today involved overcoming skepticism, personal health battles, and the daunting task of rebuilding her business from the ground up. From the very beginning, she was met with waves of doubt from those around her (including her mother and partner). Despite achieving significant success in her first year, the skepticism of others cast a long shadow over her accomplishments, challenging her resolve at every turn.

Becoming a mother marked a pivotal chapter in both her personal life and her professional journey. She made the difficult decision to take 17 months off to focus on her mental and physical health. This hiatus, while crucial for her well-being, meant that her business momentum came to a complete halt. Returning in July 2023, she found herself starting from scratch, without the financial security she once had. The entirety of 2023 was a battle against financial instability, testing her resilience to its limits.

The complexity of the situation was further compounded by her commitment to being a full-time stay-at-home mother, without a support network or childcare. Balancing the responsibilities of family and business often meant sacrificing personal time and rest, pushing her to master the art of juggling an array of demanding roles.

Yet, it was through these challenges that her resilience, creativity, and dedication truly emerged. She didn't just return to her business; she rebuilt it to surpass its previous success, securing a stable income and a roster of loyal returning and retainer clients. This journey from financial instability back to stability is a testament to her unwavering belief in her vision, her work ethic, and her ability to foster trust and loyalty among her clients.

These obstacles, while formidable, have shaped her into the entrepreneur she is today - a symbol of perseverance, adaptability, and the power of authenticity in the face of adversity. Her story is a powerful reminder that success isn't solely measured by the heights one achieves but also by the depths one has climbed from.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey as a woman is both a profound privilege and a formidable challenge. From her own path, rich with its trials, triumphs, and transformations, she offers this advice to young women aspiring to carve their niche in the business world or those already on their voyage:

  • Embrace your unique perspective: Never underestimate the power of your unique voice and vision. The world of business thrives on diversity of thought and innovation. Your perspective as a woman, shaped by your experiences, challenges, and triumphs, equips you with a unique lens through which to see opportunities and solutions where others might not.

  • Build resilience: Entrepreneurship is a test of endurance. There will be moments of doubt, failure, and critique. Cultivate resilience by embracing these as not just obstacles, but vital components of your growth. Every setback is a setup for a comeback. Resilience is your armour; wear it proudly.

  • Trust your intuition: In a world brimming with advice and trends, it's easy to feel lost in the noise. Remember, your intuition is a powerful guide. If something doesn't feel right for your business, it likely isn't. Trust in your own insights and judgments - they've brought you this far and will continue to guide you.

  • Seek mentorship and community: No one thrives in isolation. The wisdom of those who have walked this path before you is invaluable. Seek mentors who resonate with your values and vision. Similarly, build a community of fellow entrepreneurs. These networks provide support, advice, and sometimes, the necessary reality checks to keep you grounded and focused.

  • Nurture your passion: Let your passion be the fuel that drives you, but also remember to nurture it. Entrepreneurship can be consuming; find ways to replenish your energy and reignite your passion. Whether it's through continuous learning, hobbies, or mindfulness practices, maintaining your mental and emotional well-being is paramount.

  • Be authentically you: In a world crowded with voices and messages, authenticity is your strongest differentiator. Be true to yourself, your values, and your vision. Authenticity resonates; it builds trust and loyalty with your audience and clients. Never compromise on being authentically you.

  • Embrace failure as a teacher: Fear of failure is a formidable foe. Yet, the most profound lessons are often learned in the aftermath of our greatest failures. Embrace failure as a teacher, not an adversary. It's a necessary step on the path to innovation and success.

  • Lean into courage: Finally, lean into courage every day. Courage to take risks, to speak up, to stand for what you believe in, and to step into the unknown. Entrepreneurship is as much a journey of personal growth as it is of business. Let courage be your compass. To every young woman standing at the threshold of entrepreneurship or finding her stride within it, remember: Your journey is uniquely yours. It will be fraught with challenges, but each one holds the promise of growth, learning, and ultimately, success. Hold fast to your vision, ground yourself in your values, and let your journey unfold with resilience, passion, and authenticity. The world awaits the mark only you can make.



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