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Namrata S Deshmukh - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Namrata S Deshmukh

Meta Soulutions

Quantum science based transformational training and healings

Company Details

Meta Soulutions as an organization dedicated to cause of human well-being. We commit ourselves to transform life. Our expertise is in the domain of empowering the human behavior, leadership development, counseling and coaching, managing stress, healing psycho-somatic, psychological disease and disorder using innovative technologies (Quantum science). We bring innovative way to handle, manage and utilize life stress to achieve performance excellence. The aim to empower and to health overcome interferences (weakness, short comings), manage cognitive behaviors and consequently ensure peak performance by maximising an individual's deep core potential. Our aim is to bring about transformations that surpasse the expectations of regular life and create an individual as the universal intent.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

I fought life and death situations. I faced financial challenges as well as opposition from home front. I raised myself from conscious to consciousness, understood the Quantum personality of self.

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Always celebrate being Women and lead a Happy and Opulent life

To what do you attribute your success

The sanskar of Father and Mother and Blessings from Universe (God)

Website or Social Media Page

facebook /metasoulutions



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