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Namrata Dhasmana, CEO and Founder at Evolution Services

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Namrata Dhasmana: Ideation started during pandemic when I envisaged wealth creation is so important to give a boost to our economy. In one of my interview of Global Voice of India I mentioned about deflation vs Inflation and that was the time when I decided to have my entire knowledge and experience put in the practice for larger impact to improve the economy in my capacity.

Moreover, I am in my second innings of career and As a Coach I see people losing focus in their lives, organisations having narrowed outlook towards business and people. As a certified Business strategist and People Coach- I took it as a responsibility to formalise my credentials and give an impact to the society economic growth and there the “Evolution Services” was conceptualised.

“Evolution” comes with a philosophy of creating excellence in development of people and business. In Evolution we bring uniqueness in our services and apply differential strategy with our clients to create competitive advantage in industry. After having 19 years of my diversified industry experience as a Leader, I decided to take on another responsibility and as a CEO my vision goes that every person is important and has the opportunity and obligation to make a difference. My team is creative and sets the pace.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Evolution Services

Namrata Dhasmana: Thanks for asking this. Evolution is in alignment with the rapid changing demand and supply of the industry. As an experienced professional I have seen our business model follows having the experts and providing best of the services to our customers. Although we have been player in the industry, yet formalised in our entrepreneurial journey to give a larger impact.

After having witness a real VUCA and future of work, we have broadly designed our following services


  • Leadership

  • Team Coaching

  • One o One


  • Business Consulting

-Corporate Trainings and Development.

Our every service comes with an evolutionary development of people and business with a blend of systems thinking and design thinking and specific tools and business models.

Great Companies: What makes Evolution Services different from hundreds of other Training & Consulting firms?

Namrata Dhasmana: Our Team creates difference. We are all in Together. We have Thought Leadership of senior Veterans of industry. In addition to this as CEO my vision goes with differential and focussed strategy to create benchmarks in the industry for my clients and customers. We understand when our organisations are data driven we come with a sweet spot between People, business and technology as one of the best practices.

Being a Strategist from IIM L and Certified Coach, our Evolution Services joins this industry with a vision of blending the contemporary business models with Spiritual Quotient to give our customers a Purpose driven business and life. The aspect of SQ (Spiritual Quotient) also covers the governance and compliance of our customers in business consulting.

Moreover, Evolution caries her brand of Customer Centricity as it integrates with other core values. Evolution has her own unique philosophy of development by evolving and growing step by step. We give our customers Purpose in their Lives, their business and People development and that’s where Evolution comes with her unique principle of creating difference in the industry.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Namrata Dhasmana: Yes! I also have my challenges of putting all ideas in one place to provide some unique and best services to my clients, those long nights of working on laptop to design business model. To begin forming a team, website etc. I am a design thinking practitioner, and that’s why I did not take much time to do empathy mapping with customers and get aligned with them and then was in the industry for so long and have been an active contributor. As a coach with close to 280 hours of coaching, I have heard and coached people of various cultures, so I have an understanding of the industry and customers. Then, I was thankful to my mentor for being there who helped me in getting my ideation in the Execution phase.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Evolution Services?

Namrata Dhasmana: Smiles. I have my vision of growing and diversifying in other fields of business. As of now we are focussed on creating long term associations with our clients and taking their business to next level in the industry. Our customers and team will make us rise. Together we will go far.

Five years down the line Evolution will create jobs in the economy and will have her name endorsed as one of the most Liked company by their Clients and Customers.

I will take a Pause on this right now.😊

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Namrata Dhasmana: Just pick up a pen and a diary and start conceptualising your idea. Always remember what you are giving to your clients when you are thinking to start your entrepreneurial journey. Rest Trust the Universe. Keep your finances in order and have clarity in what business models are you coming up with.



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