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Moshe Horesh, Managing Director & CO-Founder at Xcelerated Consulting Group

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Moshe Horesh: I was fortunate to find my bliss in selling enterprise software solutions. During my 30 years tenure as Managing Director, and Vice President of Sales, for large technology companies, I delivered service and product growth for enterprise accounts in the Pharmaceutical, Financial, and Healthcare sectors. I love digital technologies and their evolution and decided to start my consulting company, established in 2018 with a Co-Founder, and advisors, to help companies with Datawarehouse, Metaverse immersive development programs, and Cloud services.

We were the first to recognize Snowflake as a significant data warehouse & cloud entity. Recently, we identified the Metaverse and immersive technology as another area for investment and growing the company. With many years of consultative services experience, we attribute our success to mutual relationships and client engagement. Our business model is built on internal and external consultative teamwork and vigilant collaboration with our clients to ensure mutual success. Our go-to-market was established through strategic partnerships to form integrated consulting services solutions under the XCG umbrella. We set up a white-label partnership with Snowflake, Matilda Cloud, XR-Terra, Matillion, and its ecosystem of offshore consulting and technology partners.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Xcelerated Consulting Group

Moshe Horesh: Metaverse XR, AR, VR: Metaverse development is revolutionizing the WEB3 internet. Many organizations, especially industrial companies, have started adapting digital twins, immersive marketing programs, games, and virtual meetups, establishing the foundation for the future of the Metaverse.

We are involved with organizations to develop unique and exciting XR immersive projects by providing services with human talent and VR productivity tools. Many organizations have already developed immersive travel, retail, fitness, health care, and education immersive applications. Other visionary organizations are considering immersive development to market their brand digital assets in a new way to generate a new line of revenue. XCG has the expertise to expedite those initiatives' time to market, manage costs, and power the brand with force multiplier immersive solutions.

Our diverse group of XR experts helps organizations develop or manage metaverse projects with game developers, environmental designers, concept artists, VR/AR Developers, and Storytellers. We also have programs with our partner XR-Terra to train organizations with immersive skills. Companies will need to upskill their IT staff with Metaverse XR, as their IT teams have the expertise to manage, secure, and deploy mission-critical applications. Our combined training includes foundations, development, and designers' curriculum.

Cloud Migration Services: XCG offers software & Professional Services to help our clients with their cloud migration activities. XCG, a reseller of Matilda Software and services, helps clients design, build, and execute successful migrations to any cloud platform. We help you discover, assess, modernize, migrate and validate your migration activities to any cloud platform, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, or Oracle Cloud. We are fully automating the actual migration of each application to the target cloud environment.

Datawarehouse Solutions with Snowflake: Xcelerated Consulting Group has partnered with Snowflake to provide cloud-based data warehouse modernization solutions to help organizations become more data-driven. Xcelerated Consulting Group is committed to finding top talent for our clients. We continue to become a recognized leader in placing highly qualified IT professionals in contracting and permanent positions.

FP&A – Financial Planning & Analysis with Excel & Power BI: We help fill the void by offering complete and innovative start-to-finish advanced modeling solutions and assisting enterprises in unlocking the value of existing enterprise Excel applications. We have expertise in developing unique Excel applications which allow enterprise organizations to find operational cost reductions, maximize royalties revenues, and enforcement of governance and regulations. We can deliver at speed and a fixed cost.

IT Human Talent: We continue to become a recognized leader in placing highly qualified IT professionals in contracting and permanent positions. We can deliver your organization the best XR, VR, AR, and IT consultants 10s out of 10, emphasizing your specific requirements. We have experience in Information Technology, specializing in information/Data Management, including architecture, data warehousing, business intelligence (BI), data quality, and governance.

Great Companies: What makes Xcelerated Consulting Group different from hundreds of similar service providers?

Moshe Horesh: That is a great question. There are other consulting organizations with different expertise, and I often ask myself why companies would want to get involved and conduct business with XCG. Let me break down our principal values for companies to recognize:

Emphasis on customers relationships,

Management experience,

The founders' history,


Commitment to mutual success,

Solving today's real customers' problems.

Our clients and employees are the most critical aspect of our success, and we continue to ensure that it is in our mission and compass belief. Companies want to work with us because we do more with less with our partner's network. We can assemble the right resources the same way as any other large consulting company and deliver more and better solutions at a lower investment cost and with creative and enduring service programs. Companies are looking to lower their operating expenses, and we help them achieve these goals. We have strong relationships with our clients and partners, great balance sheets, customer successes, and testimonials. Our sales and marketing acumen is also essential to ensure we will be around for the long term. We don't have a high burn rate or irresponsible financial obligations. We are financially independent and a profitable company. We can think out of the box and disrupt conventional industries through innovations and ground-breaking, projection growth, and meeting demands at speed. We take great pride in solving business problems with speed and quality of services to our clients. We help organizations solve complex problems with immediate attention to detail and finding the right solutions. Our consultative approach helps define the need and the appropriate resources to deploy the proper cost savings.

Great Companies: What were your struggles and challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Moshe Horesh: We started the company in 2018; Covid came around, and encountered some headwinds growing the business. Today, we are increasing our growth, and the challenge is expanding without sacrificing customer attention and services. We brought the best in people and expertise on a personal scale. We take great pride in solving business problems with speed and quality of services to our clients. We help organizations solve complex problems with immediate attention to detail and finding the right solutions. Our consultative approach helps define the need and the appropriate resources to deploy the proper cost savings. Having roots in some of the world's top global consulting companies, our highly skilled professionals look beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, mobilize organizations, drive tangible results, and make businesses more capable. Our experienced resources collaborate with our clients to meet organizational goals by implementing strategy, facilitating change, and fulfilling business objectives. XCG combines unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across many business functions to significantly improve our client's bottom lines. Our integrated services guide our clients in meeting their business, technology, and operational goals from concept to delivery.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What do five years down the line look like for Xcelerated Consulting Group?

Moshe Horesh: Five years is a long time. We described our fundamental capabilities through the five pillars:

Providing XR Talent, XR training, and IT Human Talent

Metaverse XR, AR, VR productivity tools, and Human Talent for building immersive infrastructure for enterprises

Cloud Migration Software and Services with Matilda Cloud

Datawarehouse services with Snowflake

FP&A with Excel and Power BI

We plan to execute each pillar to grow the business. Due to increased demand to develop Metaverse and cloud applications, we are expanding our team with the best human talent to serve our customers better. We help companies reduce time to market, reduce cost and focus on mutual success.

Great Companies: What would it be if you had one piece of advice for someone just starting?

Moshe Horesh: For new enterprises, you must ensure you have sufficient funding to last and grow the business. Do not get discouraged when your business is not generating revenues on your timetable. Always pivot and change strategies if you find hurdles with your current business plans.



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