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MONEY MANAGEMENT MANTRA - A Place for All Financial Decisions


It’s often said by experts that only earning money doesn’t make you a rich person, it is also important how you manage your money and make it grow. And not only investment, other areas of finance like loans, taxation and insurance – these elements of finance play a significant and decisive role in our lives.

Now, not everyone has idea about the financial terms, the various technicalities, jargons, the procedures and most importantly the experience to make healthy, safe and fruitful decisions. Hence, what we need is someone or some organization to help us overcome with our limitations. And today we delve into the world of one such startup.


EMPATHY, TRUST, CARE, PATEINCE, ANALYSIS. These five words speak a lot and even more than merely speaking, it makes a huge promise. And based on this promise a new startup takes birth.

It was 2014, Mumbai, and the world of financial planning got a new addition with the inception of Money Mantra. It came into existence through the mind of Viral Vijay Bhatt, who at that time had an amazing experience 15 years of as a financial adviser and wealth manager. He got down with this idea of creating a startup in the field of financial aid with the soul aim of making people attain their financial well-being.

The single mantra of Money Mantra is financial success and growth of its clients, taking the clients to attaining their financial freedom. It takes an interesting approach in helping individuals managing their money and resources.

It advises people in making informed and sound financial decisions, which becomes too important in a world where we are surrounded by investment schemes all day. And in Money Mantra, it’s very clear that giving financial advice must be a selfless act.

Now, what mantra can this startup chant for us? Well, it can take care of our financial life like budgeting, maintaining the net worth, help in making sound investment decisions and safeguarding other financial aspirations and commitments for the future.

Through continuous monitoring and analysis of investment reports, Money Mantra keeps a healthy track of all the financial whereabouts of a client’s funds. Considering keeping track of things, the company aces in this segment because it makes the best possible use of technology and social media for maintaining its service quality and staying in touch with the clients at any point of time.


The financial arenas where Money Mantra provides services are broad and hence this startup ends up with a lot to offer to its clients. Services range from insuring to investing to taxation. The following list shows all the services of Money Mantra:

Insurance: Insurance plans offered here are both life and non-life, policies from medical insurance to accident to travel, everything can be covered with the various plans at the client’s disposal.

Mutual Funds: Money Mantra tells its clients to never invest in mutual funds, but to invest through them. So, Money Mantra uses mutual funds to invest in various equity shares and debt products.

Fixed Income: This is a pretty unexplored area of investment among the general public. And here this startup directs some of their client’s fund towards bonds, government securities, and debentures.

Direct Equity: Money Mantra has collaborated with Angel One (Angel Broking) to facilitate its clients with expert research on various portfolio of stocks, keeping track of those stocks, technical analysis and other portfolio maintenance services.

Loan Services: Ranging from home loan to personal to business loans, Money Mantra offers the best services and advice on loans.

Tax Planning: Making this complex part of finance simple, Money Mantra offers various tax planning services such as expert analysis of taxation, tax advisory service, income tax return filing etc.


All the hard and smart work done by the team of Money Mantra and its founder, Mr. Bhatt has never gone unrecognized or unnoticed. But the recognition takes several leaps forward when an organization is duly rewarded and appreciated on a platform where getting recognition and respect is not easy.


And this opportunity came for the team of Money Mantra, when founder, Mr. Bhatt was awarded with Young Achievers Award. This award is presented by the Indian Achievers’ Forum. Mr. Bhatt was recognized and awarded for “outstanding professional achievement and contribution towards personal finance profession” – as the award read.



In this world of rising privatization, capital formation and growth of businesses, managing your finances and making the most out of it is the new way of saving. Years back, saving meant spending wisely and keeping aside a big chunk of your money for the unforeseen future. But in today’s date with inflation rising on a daily basis with no upper limit, mere saving of our money in the bank is not wise from any angle.

Hence, taking the help and advice of startups like Money Mantra, becomes an essential and routine part of our lives. With rise of various investment platforms and portfolios, it has become easier to allow our financial resources to grow. Investment is the new form of saving, and it can’t be achieved without proper advice and help from experts like Money Mantra.

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