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Mohit Sharma of Unitax Trading Co

Great Companies: What kind of financial services do you provide to your customers?

Mohit sharma: as we sell our products on credit basis also , so that is even a kind of financial service  Great Companies: Being recently, established how were you able to make a presence in the market?

Mohit sharma: this is a lockdown period , we are working on more visibility through social n online platform like promotions on whatsapp , fb , insta , linkedin etc.

Great Companies:  How do you manage to provide tailored solutions according to the needs of each client?

Mohit sharma:  we have our own units where we do customise jobs , with prompt deliveries. 

Great Companies:  How do you provide such quality services to your clients? Is it because of your team or your methods?

Mohit sharma: because of our methods , our team work accordingly. Great Companies:  How do you plan to improve and increase your market reach? 

Mohit sharma: to increase our market reach , we work on contact sphere system , so it improves even we get wide market approach.



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