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Mohan Upasani , MD/founder at Pivot media solutions pvt ltd

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Mohan Upasani: Along with a 9 to 5 engineering job, I was also a professional synthesizer player performing in concerts which kept me connected with the music industry. Driven by my passion for music, I eventually quit my job to become a music director. I successfully composed music for Hindi and Marathi films, as well as created jingles and anthems for corporate clients. In this journey, I realized that it is more of a team game rather than individual brilliance to reach greater heights in the longer run. While building my team in the field of music, I identified a gap in the audio-visual segment in the corporate sector. I quickly pounced on to the opportunity by collaborating with creative professionals from the industry backed by my technical expertise and established Pivot Media Solutions to cater to a wide spectrum of audience in the B2B as well as B2C businesses with visual media communication. As I have always been fascinated by new media solutions, I strived to provide cost effective yet high quality audio visual communications to companies when they were using outdated PPT presentations for communications. My aim was to provide comprehensive communication solutions across all departments like marketing, production, HR, etc. via visual media and latest technology to take the companies ahead in time. With our vision to support Make in India movement empowering MSMEs and startups in equivalence to the large scale industry,In the process of empowering MSMEs and startups in equivalence to the large scale companies as a part of our vision to support the 'Make in India' movement,  we have grown from a proprietary firm to Pivot Media Solutions Private Limited now with clients across India, Srilanka and Europe.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Pivot media solutions pvt ltd ?

Mohan Upasani: At Pivot Media Solutions, our services are majorly categorized into 5 verticals viz. Advertising, Branding, Corporate AVs, Digital Marketing, and Experiential Media. We provide end to end communication solutions to startups, MNCs, MSMEs may it be from the B2B sector or B2C. Right from conceptualization to execution to analysis, we take care of all the creative and technical aspects of the project. Under the Advertising division, we produce TVC, Radio jingles, digital ads and print ads and facilitate media planning and buying for B2C segment. Under the branding division, we help startups with brand building by creating their brand's  identity, tone , persona and communication strategy. For MNCs, we provide brand management services which includes consistent brand messaging and online reputation management as per brand guidelines. For MSMEs, we conduct brand audit and suggest brand positioning solutions based on the outcome. Under our Corporate Audio Visual division, we produce video based communication solutions useful across marketing, HR and production departments like Company Profile AV, Product/Service AV, Product Demonstration AV, Facilities AV, Vendor Approval AV, etc. for external communication and Audit Compliance AV, Training and Safety AV, Business Excellence AV, etc. for internal communications. The creative side of our digital media division provides A/c handling, marketing and optimization solutions for social media, search engine and e-commerce platforms while the technical side provides designing and development solutions for Apps and websites. Lastly, our experiential media team manages corporate events, ambient media activation, product launch as well as provides XR (VR + AR) based solutions for Dojo rooms and digital training centers. Thus, you can be rest assured that Pivot Media Solutions is a one stop solution for all your media needs.

Great Companies: What makes Pivot media solutions pvt ltd  different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Mohan Upasani: Pivot Media Solutions is a multifaceted company providing cutting edge solutions with a CREATECH approach across engineering, media, tech, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, healthcare and financial sectors. We thrive on the creative expertise and technical acumen of our team that delves into the complexities of the client's requirements and comes up with innovative media solutions. I can proudly say that we understand the core of any business and provide industry specific solutions always in time. We are not just another Media company, we are a communication company that focuses on the comprehension of the brand's message to the target audience. 

Great Companies: What were the struggles and challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Mohan Upasani: My major struggle was in the initial phase to sell my vision of being ahead of time to the MSME segment by adopt new media solutions for communication. With effective marketing of my company through new media, I demonstrated the company's vision so well that I became the man of my word and proved to the industry that being ahead of time is the way to survive in this competitive era. Of course, during the pandemic as well, we had a slack of work and a rough phase but we overcame those challenges as a team. We decided that it's the time for a change and we ourselves need to adopt new media to be digitally ahead. We focused more on providing digital media solutions rather than the traditional media. We conducted live Virtual Audit instead audit compliance video for the world economic forum. We also expanded our vertical with AR and VR services and thus, introduced new training VR based training modules for the HR department and began with the development of digital training centers for major brands like HUL and Mahindra CIE.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Pivot media solutions pvt ltd ?

Mohan Upasani: I have always believed in being ahead of time and adopting new media adopting new media solutions for our company as well our client base. The next 5 years for pivot Media are crucial because the industry is moving into IR 4.0 and Web 3. With the introduction of AI, we have already started incorporating generative AI solutions into our communications. We are also focusing on the XR department of the business and coming up with new solutions for our clients because we grow when our clients grow. In the next 5 years, we aspire to support Make in India movement and the digital revolution by the government by expanding our horizons.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Mohan Upasani: I would like to encourage the youth to work on gaining practical skills in this contemporary era. While the market stays dynamic post the pandemic in the globalized world, I would highly recommend the entrepreneurs to focus on finding solutions to the numerous gaps in the market. Lastly, be brave and just pounce on any opportunity with a positive approach and everything will fall into place once you are in the practical world. May it be your own business or a job, you can reach out to us for collaborations. We are always happy to consult you. 

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Apr 09

So inspiring was your interview it means a lot for upcoming entrepreneurs

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