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Melissa Buch: Winner of the 2024 Great Companies International Women Entrepreneur Award

Name: Melissa Buch

Business Name: Brandbuch

Location: Zurich , Switzerland

Establishment (Year): 2018

Category: Advertising & Marketing

Profession/ Specialty: Corporate Communications

Social Media: LinkedIn

Company Detail:

Brandbuch is a women-owned boutique agency that assists clients in placing purpose at the center of growth. They partner with Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, PepsiCo, Grupo Bimbo in corporate communications, culture, and employee engagement to communicate with proofs and authenticity, a concept they refer to as Storyproofing. The service offering varies depending on client challenges, guided by their overarching purpose of creating solutions that shape the envisioned future. Solutions take various forms, and here is an overview of their services:

1. Articulating purpose

Defining what the client stands for and making it stand out. Brandbuch specializes in helping businesses transform with purpose.

2. Starting conversations

Approaching corporate communications differently, they believe in the synergy of internal and external communications, working together to engage all audiences consistently.

3. Enhancing reputations

Placing stories and proof at the center of the corporate brand, helping clients focus on the right areas and share purposeful actions to enhance their reputation.

4. Creating impact reports

Sharing purposeful actions and achievements in a creative and engaging way, creating reports with an inspiring concept and narrative.

5. Helping colleagues volunteer

Engaging employees and communities by creating corporate volunteering programs, aligning purpose, organization, and community.

6. Activating your culture

Prioritizing culture to engage employees, redefining and reinventing workplace culture and community to empower talent, purpose, and growth.

7. Elevating DE&I

Promoting and activating diversity, equity, and inclusion, working with DE&I teams to define strategy, report, and launch.

8. Amplifying ESGs

Developing impact and sustainability strategy, identity, and reporting, making sustainability part of every conversation and working with sustainability and communications teams.

9. Building governance models

Organizing and optimizing corporate communications efforts by breaking down silos, creating workflows, and systems for an overview of all communications.

10. Leading Storyproofing™ training

Providing personalized training for communications teams and leaders, sharing knowledge and ideas globally to turn stories into action and prove their impact.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

Their unique selling proposition lies in the thinker and doer approach. The company is capable of bringing deep strategic thinking and then putting it into action with a clear plan and pragmatic approach to change. As a remote agency with people scattered around the world, they bring a multicultural approach to every project, offering global overviews with local understanding. Additionally, they pride themselves on being agile partners to their clients, co-creating with them to embed themselves in the organization and ensure shared success.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

Before the pandemic, it was not easy for the remote agency to convince big corporations to work with them. Despite being remote and multicultural, they had to persuade clients that they could provide the same level of service as traditional agencies. Another challenge was being a young female agency owner and CEO, an uncommon occurrence in the industry that could initially create doubts for some traditional clients. The introduction of a self-managed (teal) organization model focused on balance and people instead of titles posed another challenge. Creating a new culture prioritizing balance and mental health in agencies was not easy to "protect" initially. The company has always allowed people to take a day off and not work 100% to prioritize balance and mental health.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

The first piece of advice for women entrepreneurs is to say no. If they have a dream and a clear vision but are just starting, entrepreneurs often struggle to reject projects that don't align with their dream. Saying no is crucial to avoid being occupied with things that don't belong to the business and damaging the organization's image. Knowing what they don't want is deemed more important than knowing what they want.



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