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Meet Shah- Founder of Celibraze Events and Entertainment

Great Companies: What was the idea behind starting Celibraze?

Meet Shah: So the idea behind Starting celibraze was to serve the best solution for wedding to each family. As Weddings are the biggest task for each family to manage everything and plus managing and keeping their guest happy. So we at celibraze take all the responsibilities of the wedding for each family so that they can actually enjoy their whole wedding.  

Great Companies: What would be the difference between ‘party planners’ and ‘strategic event management partners’ as you deny being the former?

Meet Shah: So, We are Strategic Event Management Partners because each event or wedding has a different way of managing things. Every event has a strategy for an eg. 

1. NRI wedding client have a specific requirement that they want their guest to be taken care off in very well mannered . They are not into spending more on Decor, artist and other things.They spend more on getting best facilities for their guest . 

2. Local Wedding client are more into having best decor, artist, food and other things for the their guest. 

So each event has a different strategy which every event manager has to take care for.  

Great Companies: How would you define your events in one word?

Meet Shah: Celebrations ( my  company name is also on to it )

Great Companies:  Where do you see your company in the next 10 years?

Meet Shah: From next 10 years we would be able to serve maximum no of wedding in our city serving everything under one roof. We would be one of the top five companies of ahmedabad for weddings and other events.



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