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Mayank Jha, Founder at Readycoder Private Limited

Great Companies : How long you have been in this profession?

Mayank jha  : For the past four years, I have been immersed in the art of public speaking, honing my skills to inspire and educate audiences. Across a myriad of platforms encompassing over 25 esteemed institutions, including the illustrious IIT Roorkee, prestigious events hosted by Global Empire, and the esteemed World Economic Forum under the auspices of the United Nations, I have passionately delivered motivational and enlightening speeches. Covering diverse topics ranging from Career Planning and Entrepreneurship to Goal Setting, my aim remains steadfast: to ignite the flames of ambition and knowledge, leaving an indelible mark on every audience I address.



Great Companies : Please share how did it all start and what inspired you to do it?

Mayank jha  : When I saw the school and college students around me desperately looking out for jobs for their mere survival, I was forced to think a solution. My will to help youth become self-reliant led to the way of entrepreneurship. For me, entrepreneurship serves as a conduit through which individuals can transcend mere conceptualization and transform their ideas into tangible realities, thereby addressing pressing societal needs and challenges.  The essence of entrepreneurship lies in its ability to empower individuals to become architects of change, fostering a culture where ingenuity and resourcefulness flourish. It represents more than just a career path; it symbolizes a transformative journey marked by unwavering determination, creative problem-solving, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. I firmly believe that through entrepreneurship, we unlock the door to unparalleled personal and collective growth, ushering in a future defined by limitless possibilities and meaningful contributions to society.



Great Companies : Tell us about the hard time and struggles that you have faced during your carrier. And how did you overcome from them?

Mayank jha  : Hailing from a modest background, venturing beyond conventional paths to embrace entrepreneurship was no easy feat. In the nascent stages, devoid of any established connections, cultivating a robust business network posed a formidable challenge. Operating within the realm of B2B commerce, the imperative to nurture a clientele and expand the business horizon necessitated leveraging the IT solutions offered by my firm. However, steadfast in my conviction, I remained resolute that with unwavering patience and a commitment to delivering nothing short of excellence, any obstacle could be surmounted. Adhering to a principle of meticulous deliberation before every decision and unwavering determination once a course was set, became my modus operandi. This steadfast approach not only facilitated the acquisition of new clientele but also fuelled the organic growth of my enterprise. Each decision undertaken was met with the full force of my dedication and resolve, ensuring that success was not merely an aspiration but an inevitable outcome of tireless endeavour.



Great Companies : Share some of the challenges that you faced during your carrier and how you have managed during that difficult time.

Mayank jha  : In the initial stages, devoid of established connections, generating revenue seemed to be a formidable obstacle. Nevertheless, fuelled by unyielding conviction, I steadfastly believed that with enduring patience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, any hurdle could be overcome.

Guided by a principle of thorough deliberation preceding each decision, I adopted a steadfast approach. This steadfastness not only facilitated the acquisition of new clients but also propelled the organic expansion of my enterprise. Each decision undertaken was met with the full measure of my dedication and resolve, ensuring that success was not merely an aspiration but an inevitable consequence of relentless effort.



Great Companies : What are your future plans?

Mayank jha  : In the foreseeable future, I am envisioning the establishment of an incubation centre, a sanctuary where burgeoning start-ups shall find solace amidst the tumultuous waters of the market. Here, they shall be nurtured with bespoke mentorship, tailored to address their unique challenges and fortify their resilience in the cutthroat arena of competition. Within these walls, I shall impart unto young entrepreneurs the invaluable wisdom of entrepreneurship, equipping them with the tools to propel their ventures to dizzying heights of success.



Great Companies : Tell us about your 5 achievement that you proud of

Mayank jha  : My unwavering commitment to the realm of entrepreneurship has borne fruit over the past four years, yielding a bouquet of achievements that adorn my journey:

a)       From the humble seeds of an idea, I have cultivated a thriving enterprise, specializing in IT and Business solutions, a beacon of support for nascent companies seeking substantial growth.

b)      My contributions have been recognized on a global scale, as evidenced by the esteemed Global Business Icon Award 2021, bestowed upon me by the venerable Union Minister, Mr. Kailash Choudhary, of the Government of India.

c)       The mantle of mentorship rests upon my shoulders, having guided 50+ start-ups through the labyrinth of ideation, strategic planning, research and development, marketing endeavours, product refinement, and revenue augmentation.

d)      I have served as an inspirational force, igniting the flames of ambition in thousands of students and individuals across more than twenty-five colleges, as well as esteemed platforms like the World Economic Forum.

e)      As one of the youngest members of the World Economic Forum, my focus lies in mobilizing the youth towards the noble cause of environmental conservation, advocating for the preservation of our planet and its delicate climate.




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