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Mayank Harodia of Pragati Media Solutions

Great Companies: What all services do you provide?

Mayank Harodia: As a Branding agency we provide a host of services to our client to choose from ( based on their budget / target audience / product cycle, etc. ). Listed below is the summary of services offered by Pragati Media Solutions:

Large Format Printing- Vinyl / Customized wall paper / Frosted sheet / Flex / Trans-lit.

Events & Exhibitions- Brand Launch / Corporate & Social events.

Boards & Signages- Glow Sign Board / ACP / Backlit / Front-lit/ Direction board.

Corporate Gifting- Coffee mugs / Flash drive / Bags / Speakers, etc.

Digital / Offset Printing- Posters / Flyers / Brochures / Catalogues.

Press Release- News ads / Advertorial / Special feature.

Outdoor Advertising- Hoarding / Traffic Medians / Bus Shelters / Airport.

Other promotion- Radio / TV / Social campaigns /Threatre Advertising.

Great Companies: What all challenges did the company face since its inception in 2014?

Mayank Harodia: As a management professional who have worked in corporate for over 10 years and had a understanding what all challenges a company will face initially, so as a company we were actually ready for it. We took all challenge one by one as it came and handled it accordingly.

Great Companies: What is your success mantra towards becoming one of the leading branding agency?

Mayank Harodia: You need to believe in your product, service and team. Price is no more a deal breaker nowadays. If you provide good product with quality service, client will come back to you again, unless you goof it up! Clients are willing to pay little premium for the product, provided they get the quality service.

Great Companies: How do you manage to satisfy the divergent needs of your clients?

Mayank Harodia: As a Leading Branding agency, we have to be one step ahead of what our client thinks for marketing his product. We keep participating in exhibitions across India to get an edge and know what’s going / new in the market and in fact at times we propose to client ( new ideas) for product marketing. If at all we get a need which we are not aware of, we ask for some time, do our home work and make sure we revert with a solution within the time frame.

Great Companies: What is your mission? How far have you achieved it?

Mayank Harodia: Our mission is To become India's Leading Advertising Agency providing quality service to it's client with value for every penny spend / invested and we are very much on the path to achieve it.

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