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Mansoor Ali of AMFAH INDIA

Great Companies: What all services does your company provides?

Mansoor Ali:AMFAH India is an air treatment company which provides complete IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) solutions across India. We do this by utilising our network partners across the country.

Great Companies: Who are your target customers?

Mansoor Ali :Besides premium Home and offices, we cater majorly to Healthcare Facilities/Hospitals and Testing Labs, Hospitality sectors/Hotels, IT Server Rooms & Data Center, pharma sector and Food storages, etc.

Great Companies: What all challenges did the company face to establish itself?

Mansoor Ali :The company established itself in 2007 when it launched indoor air quality products. It introduced products like air purifiers, dehumidifiers & portable air conditioners to India. As these concepts were new, the company did many B2B activities for them.

During those initial years, the company struggled to create a pan-India sales & service. It also strived to bring associate partners together apart from convincing retailers like Vijay Sales, Croma, etc. about its viability.

Great Companies: How do you manage to cater to the different needs of your customers?

Mansoor Ali :We tracked consumer buying and usage with emerging global warming, changes in world weather etc. With this, it realised that its dehumidifiers have a unique offering. These machines protect people from moisture, especially when they lock in expensive valuables. This step opened up our range of segments to customers with diverse needs.

Great Companies: What is your success mantra?

Mansoor Ali :Customer experience does not end with satisfaction alone. They must feel delighted with the overall experience.

Great Companies: What is your mission? How far have you been successful in achieving it?

Mansoor Ali :Our mission is to create a different entity standing from Day 1 onwards. We want to stay ahead of the competition and maintain our first-mover advantage with strong R&D & regular innovations.Now, we provide semi-commercial to commercial products in segments. We're known to launch new products in India and maintain a list of clients which include celebrities and almost all big corporates. Most importantly, 60% of clients are repeat customers & with this pandemic COVID19, we are ready to break all ceilings & setting new records.



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