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Mansi Biyani & Gaurav Biyani, Founder/CEO at MBDH Wellness

How did you get idea or concept for the business?

Starting a business is never easy. It's even more challenging when you have your grandfather's legacy to live up to. MBDH Wellness was launched in 2021 as a modern Ayurvedic nutrition brand focused on bringing selectively sourced, Ayurveda-inspired, natural foods to modern-day consumers. “The brand, which combines Ayurveda with the latest technology to create a quality product range that is both convenient and healthy”, say Co- Founders Mansi Biyani and Gaurav Biyani. We’re inspired by our grandfather who, in 1960, started the first Ayurvedic pharmacy in Ujjain. We want to continue our family’s 60 years of legacy and bring effective natural remedies to people who are looking for solutions to improve their health and well being.

The brand is here to disrupt the traditional Ayurvedic industry, by presenting the benefits of Ayurveda in modern, more accessible and convenient formats. Ayurveda has always been at the heart of Indian tradition but somewhere along the way, people approach it with a curative lens and that's why it is not mainstream in India. Our goal with MBDH Wellness is to present Ayurveda as a way of life – one that can be practiced through practical advises based in science and modern day lifestyle insights.

What are the various services provided by MBDH Wellness

MBDH Wellness is a brand with a difference. It provides modern ayurvedic nutrition, with the benefits of Ayurveda integrated into each and every product. The brand redefines the meaning of wellness in the 21st century by combining Ayurveda with modern science. MBDH Wellness creates premium high-quality products - carefully sourced from natural ingredients, using only Ayurvedic principles. Being living in the UK we’ve a strong understanding of modern lifestyles, from both an Ayurvedic perspective as well as a dietary nutrition standpoint and have built strong relationships with brands in this space over the last 10 years.

Our extensive catalogue has been carefully designed to suit India’s diverse, modern and customers’ demands. We have introduced all new products that have gone through rigorous safety and clinical research. We have also refined old favourites with better formulations and added them to our catalogue to meet your current requirements.

For instance, we introduced new products and improved current offerings to suit Indian sensibilities. Our Eye Care Malt is India’s 1st Ayurvedic Malt clinically researched and formulated to protect the digital-savvy Indians from blue light damage, eye strains and fatigue. Great quality, freshness, variety of products and free online doctor consultation support the company’s fast growth trajectory.

What makes MBDH Wellness different from hundreds of similar service providers?

If you want to remain relevant in the market and become more customer friendly, there is no better way than knowing how to build long-term relationships with your customers. In today’s competitive world where everything happens at lightning speed, it is necessary for brands not just to keep up with the pace but also stay ahead of others in terms of quality and service delivery as well.

MBDH Wellness believes in taking modern Ayurveda into the future and make it relevant for the millennials. We’re designing a platform where every customer will be recommended an individualized diet plan, designed by AI.

MBDH Wellness has already expanded into the international markets and aims to spend the majority of its funds on educating its audience through marketing campaigns. We are also launching MBDH Wellness Foundation a Non – Profit entity of MBDH Wellness which will work on Healthcare, environment and climate change making it way ahead from its competitors.

What are the struggles and challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Procurement of raw materials.

The growing popularity of Ayurveda medicines has also resulted in a dramatic decrease in the availability of raw materials. Today, farming practices have drastically deviated from age-old traditional ways, with an increase in the use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides that are often seen as solutions to safeguard and increase productivity.

There is lack of information regarding the availability of these plants in different parts of the country, people seeking medicinal plants may be misled into purchasing from unreliable sources.

This has been our biggest challenge to ensure quality raw materials for our formulations. Therefore, it is vital that we procure their raw materials only from reliable sources so that there is no lacuna in quality and fundamental methods of Ayurveda farming.

Integration of Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicines

Our biggest challenge has been promoting and integrating Ayurveda with Allopathy for research and clinical use as an economical alternative. However, both systems remained parallel with minimal integration though under the same Ministry of Health. The reasons are many but believe with scientific studies backing our products the vision is not too far. “We aim to become India’s 1st Ayurvedic brand that is backed by clinical trials, Artificial intelligence, and formulations that our fit for modern India backed by 60 years of legacy”. – Mansi Biyani – Co- Founder.

How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line MBDH Wellness?

We have been in business for a year now and are finally seeing the fruits of our hard work pay off. We initially launched on Flipkart, Amazon, but quickly learned the power of digital marketing. Now we sell a variety of products that support immune health, including Immunity Malt and Ignite D Capsules. Our customers' favorite product is Eye Care Malt, thanks to its powerful ingredients that support eye health as well as immune health. Genius Gold Malt is another great product that received fantastic customer feedback when we first launched.

We believe the future of India is Ayurvedic and with this vision, we want to build keep building our brand and gain new heights. Our main focus is to cross 50 crore revenue in the next 3 years, capturing domestic markets online and then through modern retail and general trade, followed up with exports in pipeline. Ayush sector has tremendous growth potential with no restrictions on foreign direct investments – states Ms. Mansi.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

This is a quote from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It's about the importance of taking risks and living life to its fullest, rather than being afraid of failure and not trying things.

I think it's an important message to have for everyone, but especially for young people. We're so used to hearing about how we should do things in certain ways that we feel like we need to fit in with what everyone else is doing.

But I think if you don't try, you'll never know where your limits are, and if you don't push past those limits, then there's no way to grow as a person or as an individual.



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