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Mansi Bihani, CoFounder at Video Factory

Great Companies: Can you tell us a little about your company?

Mansi Bihani: Video Factory is an explainer video specialist company based out of Kolkata & Bangalore, pioneering in video production across animated, corporate, live-action, learning and development genres. Sparked by the spirit to Simplify Communication we empower brands to leverage their digital presence by creating compelling videos for them. Our content-driven and result oriented videos help brands optimise their conversions and visibility.

Great Companies: Can you provide a gist of the number and types of services provided by the Video Factory?

Mansi Bihani: We are an end-to-end video solutions provider, there’s literally no video requirement that this factory funnel cannot process or support. We help brands at every step of the way to bring alive compelling videos that will engage, excite and entice their audience. As a one-stop video solutions provider, we service client requirements through-

  • Ideation and Content Development

  • Graphics and Storyboarding

  • Audio Narration

  • Regional Translations

  • Dubbing

  • Music Score Development

Stock Editing

Over the years we have honed our skills across 10 broad animation styles and video formats namely - WhiteboardAnimation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Character Animation, Infographics, Kinetic Typography, Motion Graphics, Stop-Motion, Chalkboard Animation, Chroma-Key Animation. Moving one step forward in our quest for doing and delivering more, we also work on Digital Ads, Corporate Profile Videos, Live-Action Videos among others.

Great Companies: What makes you different from other video companies?

Mansi Bihani: I don’t see us as any different from another company that’s working hard today to build and sustain an impact today .

As a women-led organization, we are a bunch of creative thinkers, visual animators, and growth drivers who look upon themselves as a factory that up-skills itself each day to be Collaborators of Change and Harbingers of New Possibilities.

Having been in the industry for over 5+ years, delivering over 15,000+ minutes of animation we have just stayed true to the principle of being the voice of our brands. This has helped us exemplify our range of expertise in video production, right from animating the global message of health emergency heralded by World Health Organization to implementing the Government's schemes for rural social reform for United Nations Development Programme.

We have closely worked with both National and International development sectors over the years and voiced the efficacy of several state-initiated novel endeavours like - Vidhwa Pension, State Treatment Fund Pension, Old age Pension, Economic Self-relaince through rural Self-Help Groups, Ration card entitlement, Micro-financing for women alcohol sellers, besides communicating several important messages on farmer training, safe abortion, child birth, and achieving zero malnutrition. The urge to constantly evolve by excelling in our given niche fuels us to think, discover, capture, curate, simplify and animate video solutions for the rural masses, thereby making us the eyes, mind, and messengers for the remote rural landscapes and micro-economies.

Great Companies: How are your systems, cost-effective, and provided with the best creative solutions?

Mansi Bihani: Unlike other products or services we neither swear by a 6 months guarantee nor a 30 minute delivery, but what we do swear by is a sustained value-addition to your sales, outreach, digital presence and growth. We truly work with the skills and hands of a factory that’s steaming up new ideas, segmenting its resources, facilitating its processes to be swift and seamless. We have animators, creative writers, audio artists, graphics designers, and account managers who tailor to perfection your visual proposition and brand story. We are both agile and adaptive towards learning new things and a great testimony to the same is a recent project that we helmed for Indiacharts - wherein we had delivered 700+ minutes of screen-cast and whiteboard animation about a completely alien technical concept analysis of stock market trading within 60 days.

I believe it is this passion to build an expansive portfolio through learning, experimenting and achieving that helps us to deliver cumulative growth rather than just cost-per-cent offerings to our clients.

Great Companies: How do you plan to achieve success in your future endeavors?

Mansi Bihani: We go and grow as long as you, grow along that infinite ladder of success - this is the message that we give to our clients and the principle upon which we envision success. When we talk of ourselves as harbingers of new possibilities, we look forward to building one of the best video animation teams in the country, creating on our portfolio the biggest brands, create the most compelling videos, reiterating remarkable socio-economic impacts and blooming the knowledge engine in this factory to be the most robust video growth solutions provider in the millenniums to come.


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