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Manisha Bhati - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Manisha Bhati

Dreamhunt India

Training and Development

Company Details

Dreamhunt India is an institute which deals with the personal and professional development of individuals especially women. We primarily focus on building unshakeable confidence in women and also provide them a platform to enhance their skills and magnify their entrepreneurship journey.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

From getting married against my will and fighting for my divorce to selling off my gold to start my entrepreneurship journey and willing multiple awards for the same ,the journey hasn't been easy and still its not one. Coming from a conservative family where women are treated like slaves, at one point it was next to impossible to stand up for my rights. My personal life was the toughest. A girl with a broken marriage is heavily looked down especially in my community. Fighting for a divorce, then fighting for my education, then fighting to work in a job, then fighting to start my own business and now fighting to inspire millions of women. For me every moment is a fight. In my professional life too , from getting rejected in my first interview to facing thousands of rejection in my business , i think i have developed a thick skin for all my life's problems. I have raised my own funds by selling my gold as no bank was willing to fund me. Surviving in business is no childs play especially in an environment where no one is willing to help a women entrepreneur. So still plenty of challenges to o overcome because challenges never stop in life. But as always, i am up for my next challenge as well.

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Be Bold. Be Blunt. Be your own boss. In fact, be a bitch. In a sense, do not tolerate any kind of injustice done to you. Raise your voice and do not adjust. I am not telling you to be unreasonable i am just telling you to be responsible for your own life. Every woman is a fighter and every moment of her life is a fight. Also remember, we may not get everything that we fight for, but whatever we do get.. it will be a fight.

To what do you attribute your success

Education and Self Awareness. Education which builds our basic fundamentals of our being and Self awareness so we know that 'We have one life and we should spend it our own way'

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