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Manish Tahiliani, CEO at Voxturr

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Manish Tahiliani : Most traditional businesses have now gone digital, necessitating a growth team that can make a difference, not the usual digital marketing team. Having identified the gap between what businesses need and what they get, this idea dawned, and I went ahead with Voxturr. Voxturr's genesis lies in addressing this gap and simultaneously understanding that new-age business needs new-age solutions.

Technology and marketing are progressing at the speed of light. Every day new tools are launched. So businesses need teams that can innovate, experiment with different tools, and bring solutions to the table rather than continuing with the old-school, passive marketing mindset. Voxturr is all about a new-age agile approach to work.

The idea is also to create talent for the new-age business needs that involve strong marketing skills added with technology to support the speed of execution.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Voxturr

Manish Tahiliani : Voxturr is a growth hacking agency focused on achieving rapid and sustainable business growth for its clients. Voxturr is a team of 25+ individuals with expertise in Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, B2B Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Data Science, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, UI/UX, and Product Development. The team is committed to delivering growth solutions for a wide range of businesses.

We offer different marketing solutions to companies across the globe, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Depending on their requirements, we offer customized solutions to our clients, such as:

Pre-Launch Marketing

Early Stage Traction

B2B Lead Generation

SaaS Product Marketing

Webinar Marketing

Marketplace and eCommerce marketing

Robotic Process Automation

Business Intelligence

Great Companies: What makes Voxturr different from hundreds of other Digital Marketing Agencies?

Manish Tahiliani : Some key differentiators make Voxturr different from other Digital Marketing agencies. We are entirely different because we believe in the power of innovation. Other agencies are primarily meant to manage the various aspects of digital marketing. But in the new-age scenario, businesses need more than just that to thrive in the competitive landscape. This is where Voxturr becomes the right fit because our proven methodology, out-of-the-box thinking, and data-driven approach help our clients explore every growth opportunity. We help early-stage startups and mid-stage startups find strategic growth opportunities, churn out innovative ideas, and bridge the gap between requirements and solutions. It has resulted in our clients witnessing a tremendous increase in traffic, leads, and sales in their business.

Innovation is key. Companies need to stay ahead of their competitors in this rapidly growing business landscape, and Voxturr is equipped to do it all. We want to build an agency that is empowered to think innovatively, which involves experimenting with creative ideas and structuring approaches to boost overall business growth.

Every experiment is an opportunity to learn. We scale up the ideas that work and chuck out those that don't. All our experiments are backed by data churned out from analytical tools, competitor analysis tools, etc. We build our strategy based on data, experiments, and analysis, whereas other agencies only manage branding or marketing. Our research and data-driven approach help us design campaigns that can take companies to the next level.

In other agencies, the stakeholders are directly involved in churning out ideas and directing their teams to act in a certain way. At Voxturr, it is neither ideal nor preferable. The team is intelligent enough to bring their ideas to the table and experiment with them. It is a difference between active versus passive, and it's a big one.

Sustaining a growth mindset requires setting up internal processes. For instance, we conduct Scrum, where the Project Manager touches base with all the projects on a daily basis to ensure progress and that a project grows every day, unlike in other agencies where it is done every week. We ensure daily progress with an agile methodology and our feedback mechanism. Every team member takes ownership of their work and is held accountable for what they do. They know whether their work impacts the overall business or not, unlike in other agencies. This is the crux of Voxturr.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Manish Tahiliani : Challenges are intrinsic to every venture and adventure. The primary challenge we face is to have an internal process setup that allows our growth agency to operate and sustain itself. Finding new ideas, touching base, and contributing to the growth of a project daily is time-consuming and challenging.

We commit to growth and deliver it. But delivering on our commitments and keeping the system in momentum when, for instance, a team member falls sick or is unavailable is challenging. It is one thing to say things theoretically. But it is quite different when you get down to implement it practically. The work process at Voxturr is quite different from other agencies where you commit to delivering on a specific goal, and that's all about it. At Voxturr, that's not it. There is more to it.

For us, project management has to be flawless. Getting the team to work together, discussing every aspect of a project, and ensuring the work is delivered by the end of the day is challenging. Maintaining that ecosystem every single day is a struggle. To make every day count, make every day a learning process, and carry out impactful tasks is a challenge. We are continuously trying to prove to ourselves that this growth mindset model can work for us. To be the go-to agency for hi-tech-driven, marketing-driven businesses is a challenge.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What do 5 years down the line look like for Voxturr?

Manish Tahiliani : We have envisioned becoming a complete digital transformation solution provider. In alignment with Voxturr, we are conceptualizing a new venture - VoxturrLabs - and will launch it soon. VoxturrLabs would be a development agency for new-age businesses using low-code and no-code technology, providing 360-degree digital solutions to businesses.

We aspire to enter the market of emergent technologies such as AI, ML, etc., not just for marketing but other business areas as well. We strive to build a complete marketing and technology-driven digital transformation company that provides end-to-end 360-degree solutions.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting, what would it be?

Manish Tahiliani : Someone who is just starting out must, as a holy grail, keep their team lean, rely on automation, and employ low-code and no-code technologies. That is the key to growing. One doesn't need a heavy-duty team in the initial stage, so keep your resources lean until you get the proof of concept.

In this era of automation, one does not need many people for manual work because RPA takes care of the recurring tasks. This way, one doesn't have to hire and fire people. Have core people within the team and outsource the rest. Make use of low-code and no-code technologies to scale up your business. This should be the key philosophy for anyone starting out with a new venture.



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