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Manas Kumar Das, Founder at Exabyte Infotech Private Limited

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Manas Kumar Das: The sphere of software and solutions is unveiling a spectrum of opportunities. Needless to say, it is allowing technocrats to emerge above mediocrity and do something innovative with their lives. In the past few years, the emergence of software technologies has seen the advent of many tech integrators. Being an emerging tech-integrator in the coup; from managing a leadership position in a world-class tech magnate, I have fortuitously changed my route to became a 'Techpreneur'.

Beginning at the turn of the millennium, I could witness the changing tides in technologies and the surge of opportunities that accompanied them. I had realized that technology would bring dynamic transformation across segments. Digitization and automation will transpire the best prospects, further driving immense competition amongst players. I could see this thing as an opportunity for an IT Service company, having categorized solutions and robust infrastructure to scale customer’s business. To turn this opportunity into a concrete reality, we had incepted Exabyte Infotech Pvt. Ltd. in 2018. The company is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified firm and recognized under the ‘Startup India’ initiative. It offers a comprehensive set of transformational IT solutions that can help clients improve their ROI, increase the value of their IT investments, and adapt to changing market conditions.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Exabyte Infotech Private Limited

Manas Kumar Das: Exabyte is authorized partner of all major OEMs for IT Hardware & Software products. Exabyte is offering end-to-end IT Services directly or through strategic partnership to all major cities across India. The services provided by Exabyte are as follows: -

- Supply, installation & maintenance of IT hardware & Software – Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Storage (High-capacity NAS, SAN etc.), Hyper Converged Infrastructure Implementation, Networking items i.e., Routers, Switches, Hub etc. CCTV Security, Projectors, Professional Display (LED/LFD, Video Wall etc.), Printers & Peripherals, UPSs, Microsoft & other OEM Products, Antivirus & Security Products etc.

- IT Infra Services – SI Projects, Network & Infra Security, DC/DRC Solutions, Managed Services & FMS, Cloud Services etc.

- Global Software Services – Web & Mobile Apps Development – e-Governance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Cloud Migration, ERP Implementation, Resource pooling & full Turnkey projects, Digital Transformation, IOT & Automation, Data science, Blockchain, AI/ML/DL projects etc.

Great Companies: What makes Exabyte Infotech Private Limited different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Manas Kumar Das: The Indian technology market is congested, with a slew of tech integrators focusing on mainstream or innovative solutions. However, the abundance often doesn’t conform to quality; clients often find solutions that may or may not tailor the actual requirement. This is something Exabyte aims to change. It has a distinct portfolio and works on a communicable model, which allows it to go above and beyond what the consumer expects. Exabyte works with all sizes of companies, from Startups to big enterprises.

And since every company has individual concerns and requirements, Exabyte invests a good amount of time and resources in training of the team members. The leaders on board conduct timely in–house training sessions and online programs to constantly update the team in technology matters. Exabyte also focuses on R&D to evaluate and develop its overall efficiency.

Exabyte Infotech has been a trusted favorite for its clients owing to the dedication and expertise of the team. The Team Exabyte has been built on the three pillars of education, knowledge, and experience. The company also puts a strong emphasis on innovation. Innovation is important to grow in the business, innovating based on where the technology is moving is the need of the hour.

Exabyte is thriving at a positive pace; team is consistently refining their expertise as a strategic knowledge partner to aid more businesses in achieving the transformational goals.

Great Companies: What were the struggles and challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Manas Kumar Das: Technology is one of the selective segments constantly influenced by changes. Every now and then, the sphere contrives a new innovation or practice stirring a cut-throat competition. And in IT, the competition is up by ten times. So how does Exabyte uphold a competitive position? The Company leverages the expertise of its employees.

Although it’s still a small cadre, it includes skilled professionals, technocrats from leading IT enterprises, such as TCS, HCL, etc., with proven expertise in optimizing customer experience. Such in-house resources help Exabyte offer perfect synchronization of technical solutions with business requirements at optimized cost.

Exabyte also drives inspiration from corporate values imbibed within its modus operandi. The five underlined core values include – Business Integrity, Passion, Excellence, Unity and Win. These core values define their very purpose and code of conduct. Exabyte strives to be a trusted IT partner across different verticals and geographies.

Exabyte maintains a laser-like focus when it comes to scalability of its resources and solutions. It believes in instilling trust, transparency, and responsibility in its employees – so that they bring the same value to its solutions. From the very beginning, employees are made aware of the core values and vision statement and ensured they adhere to them. The approach further helps in maintaining an assertive culture and ensure trust between everyone.

Further it’s true fact that tough times breed strong players, and Exabyte Infotech has built its fortitude on trials. Among others, COVID-19 was a trial by fire for a startup like us. The chaos and uncertainty across the world created a disruption that froze client budgets. In such difficult situation we could take a holistic picture of the market conditions to strategize a sustainable plan. This extended to customizing the deliverables and offering an in-depth market analysis to clients. The efforts fostered our capability to make realtime business decisions in the face of uncertainty. This is how Team Exabyte could survive the crisis and thrived in large numbers.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Exabyte Infotech Private Limited?

Manas Kumar Das: The IT space is presenting cluster of opportunities to innovate on. Particularly, the increasing digitization is presenting opportunities to create products that address emerging concerns and needs. Exabyte already has a robust portfolio of services, but now, Exabyte is venturing into product-based operations. The Company aims to create a niche presence and attain new heights in Software domain in near future. Exabyte’s upcoming feats:

• To achieve the highest levels of client success rate.

• Be one of the leading software companies globally.

• Utilize technology more effectively to develop and deliver high-quality solutions

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Manas Kumar Das:

- It’s critical for the companies to embrace a technology-focused approach to business in order to survive and prosper in their market.

- Establishing a business venture is easy but conducting it, is little difficult! Technology is a vast and arduous space and aspirers have to be patient, flexible with focus on small-term goals. On the other hand, try to build a strong network of professionals and always try to have a uniqueness – for it attracts more attention.

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