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Manan Vipul Chheda, CEO, Founder at Xtreme Reflection

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Mr. Manan Vipul Chheda: Manan had a passion for cars and enjoyed working on them. He has a natural inclination towards cleaning, maintaining, and enhancing the appearance of the automobiles. So, MANAN has turned this passion, into a thriving business.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Xtreme Reflection?

Mr. Manan Vipul Chheda: We Provide

  • Ceramic Coating.

  • Graphene Coating.

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF).

  • Vinyl Wrapping.

  • Car Servicing.

  • Denting & Painting.

  • Modifications.

  • Car Accessories.

Great Companies: What makes Xtreme Reflection different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Mr. Manan Vipul Chheda: Xtreme Reflection, is one of the biggest Car Care & Detailing Studio in Mumbai. Team Xtreme Reflection purely beliefs in maintaining customer relationship. We provide the right guidance to the customer, what is needed and what is not. Customizing packages as per customer needs. Attention to detail. After Sales service provided to the customer.

Great Companies: What were the struggles and challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Mr. Manan Vipul Chheda: As started Xtreme Reflection on January, 2020, we had faced a lockdown within 2 months of opening which was the biggest struggle for us to scale up. But regularly following up with customers, providing quality work at a lesser price and marketing helped us to overcome the challenge.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Xtreme Reflection?

Mr. Manan Vipul Chheda: Over the years Team Xtreme Reflection is open to give Franchise Pan India, and go international over the next 5 Years. Providing all car needs under one roof.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Mr. Manan Vipul Chheda: There are no secret to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work & learning from failures.



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