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Started by three Irish friends who have a passion for watersports, Rash’R has become the most colorful and fun recycled clothing brand. Shifting to sustainability is never easy at first but these three water enthusiasts are all in to provide 100% recycled clothes for watersports.

Sometimes in life when we are in a place where we think about the various things that could be different or could exist, but we never think that we can be the ones doing it. We are stuck with what we have and we don’t want to change that. However, there are many people in life who want to be the leaders of something, who want to bring change, and who want to what they dream of.

Tom, John, and Alex are three friends from Ireland who are one of those people who want to do something if they dream of it. They are the owners of a famous watersport clothing brand from Ireland named Rash’R.

Their story is inspiring and the will to fulfill their dreams touched my heart and that is why I want all of the world to know about them. Sometimes dreams are easily achieved and sometimes it takes a lot to fulfill them. But, I am sure after reading this story you will definitely get motivated towards your dreams.

Let me tell you their backstory about how they got the idea and what all they did to set their brand to what it is now.

Tom Cotter, John Downey, and Alex Musgrave were really good friends who loved watersports. It was July 2015 and they all were out for lunch on the water. They were having pizza and discussing that how all the watersports clothes were grey, black, and blue. Even the biggest of brands lacked colorful clothes while other sports had colorful clothing. It was just another random conversation they were having but that gave Tom an idea to make such clothing for watersports as well.

Sometimes I wonder that how some stupid conversations or random ideas can become so big. That is what happened with these friends. A simple lunch led to something so big.

After that, they started researching and prepping for opening their business. They struggled to find fabric, manufacturers, printing companies, and lots of other stuff. While researching and learning through this time all that kept coming back to them was sustainability. They wanted to make something eco-friendly benefiting nature. They thought that they would be able to create their first prototype in 3 months but it took around 18 months to get it all together.

As we say good things take time. They had their product but they cannot just go live with one product. There are many things that need to be taken care of before opening a business.

It was October 2017, over two years since they had the initial chat for their business idea when they launched their website named Rash’R. They have created six versions of long sleeve men’s vest. On one hand, the good thing was they sold out 99% of their stock within two months. A fun fact, they used to deliver these vests in pizza boxes. On the other hand, they kept missing peak season as all the money that they could invest for the brand was utilized in launching their first stock and that was sold out real quick. Other than that, the money they had was used up in marketing and now they had no sources to bring in new stuff.

The thing about startups is that it requires money and a lot of it. When you go out of it, the door kind of starts closing. All you need to do is find proper resources and then go for it.

All three of them had their own works and they were busy with that. Tom was in the business of outdoor and recreation, Alex was the founder of the digital media company ‘Dog Day Media’, and John was the founder of the Irish restaurant chain ‘Ramen’.

They all had their own things to do and when they had no money for the business it started drifting apart. There was a point when they started to think that it will just shut for good. But we as humans don’t tend to stop. We want to try everything we can to save what we love. Their business was their dream and they could not afford to lose it. As a last hope, Tom decided to go for an interview with some investors where he explained the ideas and pitched their business.

As I said all good things take time. Now it was time for their business. It was waiting for the right thing to come.

The investor meeting went well and they had funds to restart their business. In August 2018, they relaunched Rash’R. But this time they had a full range of vests for men, women, and children, and even toddlers. They had an all-new website and their products were also available in retail stores. They were now shipping to 24 different countries.

As they started growing, they had interested many world’s top water sport athletes. The factors that attract people are their sustainability, customized clothing options, and their 100% eco-friendly products.

Some of you must be thinking, we have seen many startup stories what’s so special about this. Well, every startup story is special because every story has its own struggle and history. But not every startup wants to do something for nature. Not every person cares for others.

Rash’R is a brand with 100% recycled products. Their motto is sustainability. They want to create something with the waste recycled from the sea. Yes, that’s right! Their brand uses
Ocean Balance Fabric which is a sustainable fabric made from fishing nets, carpets, and post-consumer goods. The fabric is fast drying, stretchable and comfortable as compared to others. These are also eco-friendly, cost-effective, and safe. And most importantly this clothing is fun and colorful.

How can you say no to a brand that is providing everything best? Sometimes it’s not the story or the struggle that matters, it is just the idea behind it. It just takes a few daring steps for the small idea to become big. Even small joking conversations can lead to something worth creating a change. You just need to believe in yourself and dream big. Everything good will come in time for you.

Edited by Mallika Malvia



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