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Maithillee Zaveri: Maithillee

Name: Maithillee Zaveri

Business Name: Maithillee

Location: Gurugram, India

Establishment (Year): 2004

Category/Industry: Entertainment and Art

Profession/ Specialty: Entertainment and Art

Company Detail:

Maithillee has been part of the art industry since 2004, exhibiting all over India and a few times internationally (Singapore). She takes commissions and works on orders for clients, hoteliers, architects, interior designers, etc.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

Art is expensive because only an artist knows how much time he or she has invested in his/her work, and the material costs.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

Many self-made artists struggle to reach where they want to. The importance of handmade paintings has reduced due to the new "art" - digital art and the importance of painting artists has decreased tremendously, which does not allow them to sell their works easily.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

Pay attention to your intuition and follow your gut. Everybody has unique and genuine challenges. halt evaluating, comparing, and comparing yourself to others. Learn from your prior errors and make the necessary adjustments. The only person you are competing with is yourself. Strive to improve on who you were as a businessperson or person yesterday.



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