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Mahendra Vakharia Executive Committee Member OTOAI & Mg. Director of Pathfinder Holidays

Great Companies : Do you think Pathfinders provide a wholesome travel experience to the  costumers?

Mahendra Vakharia : Yes for sure, the reason being that from the first stage of enquiry by the client, to understanding their requirement, putting their requirement into action, preparing an appropriate itinerary with our vast experience  to match the clients requirement, making flight bookings, processing visa, arranging for hotels, transfers, tours at the destination, followup with the clients while on the tour and until their return back we are constantly with the Clients uptil the last stage of taking their feedback once the tour is completed. 

Great Companies :  Why is Pathfinders different from other travel agencies?

Mahendra Vakharia : There are couple of reasons for this : (1) We are different to most of the other agencies is we have widely travelled to different destinations of the world and can guide our clients and advise them on first hand basis of the destination / hotel / product etc (2) there is a very high level of personal attention as detailed above provided to each and every client of ours in their bookings, (3) well rounded experience of the Directors in the Travel, Tour, Airline and Hotel Industry helps in giving us that extra edge to managing our clients bookings (4) Our very strong partnerships with our International Partners at different destinations helps us a lot as they are the best in their business and very reputed DMC’s with vast experience. 

Great Companies :  Do the costumers opting for domestic tour packages get the same hospitality as international ones?

Mahendra Vakharia : For us each and every customer is the same and is treated in the same manner. Remember each and every client of a Domestic Tour Package is also a definite client of International Tour Package, if not one already. We do not have and believe in having different yardsticks to treat clients  based on their services purchased

Great Companies :  What do you mean by customized holiday? And how you ensure them to the customer?

Mahendra Vakharia : We do not believe in “One Size Fits All” - as we believe every Individual is different and their needs and requirements are different. So continuing with this philosophy is how we offer handcrafted and customised holidays which are different and as per the requirement of the client (considering his wish, interest, liking, purpose of travel, budget, etc) 



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