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LivNSense Technologies - One of the most promising SMEs Brands to watch for in 2023

Company Name

LivNSense Technologies

Founders Name

Founder and CEO – Avnish Kumar

Co-Founder and Director – Priyanka Kumar

Co-Founder and Customer Success Officer – Rajan Bhatnagar

Co-Founder and Engineering Director – Ajatshatru Singh

City: Bengaluru Country : India Founded In ( Year): 2018 Employee Size: 11-50 employees Funding: Angel Funding Business Models : Business to Business (B2B) Business Category : Manufacturing Industrial Automation and Net Zero Carbon reduction

Company Detail:

"LivNSense™ is one of the most promising B2B Climate Tech ventures with unique positioning in Deep-Decarbonization. Its award-winning Green-AI platform, GreenOps™ addresses the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction by harnessing the power of First Principles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Twins technologies. The product delivers immediate financial gains and decarbonization benefits to industries which can be scaled rapidly at lower costs.”

Unique Differentiation

GreenOps provides a holistic carbon emissions analysis, benchmarking, and reduction across process value chain with patented IPs. The key differentiation is the use of patented “Energy Balance” solution, which gets far better results than traditional attempts to meet COP27 goals.

How you innovated or reinvented yourself or your business during the pandemic, the economic ups and downs, or other challenges?

According to the World Economic Forum, energy-intensive industries (EIIs) account for 22 percent of global CO2 emissions. It presents us one of the largest opportunities to address in terms of Climate Action. The pandemic has considerably hastened the need for adoption of addressing the climate change. Post pandemic, the industry has seen a major change in the digitalization demands much more than ever before. In fact, pandemic gave us the time to review, deep-dive into currently business strategy and re-align our strategy with a clear focus, especially on decarbonization value chain. This was one of the major transformations for us that has helped in the business acceleration post pandemic.

The industries such as oil & gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and metals industry which involve continuous process manufacturing run with high Greenhouse Gas emissions having adverse impact on workers’ health and impacting our environment. This is where LivNSense invented its footprint to bring in world’s FIRST Green-AI platform with digital twins, GreenOps™ in order to transform process manufacturing industries with a mission to provide real time, accurate and measurable emissions insights with Real Time Recommendations to achieve “Net-Zero” goals.

LivNSense culture is based on innovation ecosystem which is deep rooted into every employee with core focus on equal employer opportunity. We are woman founded company with more than 40% female employees. Every employee gets an ample opportunity to learn and grow which is the uniqueness of our company.

Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You

The customers are looking for agility, innovation, and time to market with clear ROI proposition. We always focused on deep dive business analysis and understand customer pain points to deliver the right solution and ROI models. Its all about setting the right expectations and delivering to it.

While organizations are adopting Green Energy as part of their manufacturing initiatives, we have realized the industry is still at the Infancy stage with lot of gaps in the value chain and a lot needs to be done on achieving de-carbonization. We are focused on addressing business problems with a holistic approach that can provide measurable and quantifiable impacts. Our holistic focus of not only the Industrial machinery & assets but the people working around in that environment as well (including vendors and suppliers) has been able to impact the complete process value chain to benefit from the change. Our product is built based on proprietary models that are easily configurable and deployable based on customer needs rather than generic models used to fit a scenario. The results in most cases are higher performance and ROI with time to market advantage. The success is evident from our product scale as its already deployed in North America and India markets across 10+ Fortune 500 customers. GreenOps™ is a subscription-based platform, which is deployed in North America and India markets, delivering up to 15 percent GHG emissions reduction for the petro-chemicals, chemicals and metals industry which translates to saving around 70,000 trees annually. Interestingly, the ROI is realized within 12 months with measurable outcomes. We have acquired another 10 customers in last one quarter and looking forward for 2X growth into our revenues in next year.

Future roadmap

Our mission is to reduce 100s Mega Tons of GHG Emissions across Energy Intensive Industries with world's first green digital metaverse platform for sustainable manufacturing, GreenOps™.

We at LivNSense started our decarbonization journey almost 4 years back with process industries and innovated world’s first Full-Stack Deep-Decarbonization Technology - GreenOps. It enables Green-AI as a Service Model which supports industries across Chemicals, Petro-chemicals, Metals and Cement. The platform provides one of its kind abilities to deliver deep measurable insights across process value chain by capturing data from heterogeneous systems in plug-play manner with an ability to reduce GHG emissions with its predictive and prescriptive recommendations. There has been further advancements with its innovation in “Energy Transition” for Cement Industries where GreenOps is able to increase the AFR (Alternate Fuels and Raw Materials) usage by 20-25% and reduce fossil fuels (coal) by 17%.

Decarbonization is not one time implementation but a journey and continuous innovation. It requires a long-term strategy with vision of creating AI based deep decarbonization stack by collaborating with ecosystem partners. We have extended our ecosystem partnership to build a more effective engagement model for safer and sustainable manufacturing. Our core focus is going to be growing the company focus on Climate Action and deliver GHG emissions reduction by 50% in next 3 years. We are looking at next year to move our headquarters to Dallas, US. US is going to pass the bill for carbon reduction and net zero emission. Both will be quite significant impact for us in terms of business acceleration and scaling GreenOps. And apart from US, we are going to focus on APAC, Europe, and Middle East in the coming year.

Founder's experience and background :

1) Avnish Kumar Founder and CEO of LivNSense™, in India and USA, An MBA from University of Melbourne and Graduate from NIT Durgapur. Avnish has more than 25 years of experience in managing IoT and AI platforms/products for leading IT and Product companies LTI, TechM (Google), Wipro and Motorola Inc. Avnish is a Business and Technology thought leader, passionate about bridging engineering and business with market needs and solving complex business problems. Highly creative, thinker with strong business acumen & experience in delivering world class products.

2) Avnish Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, has proven and astounding experience of 25+ years in Engineering & in AI/IoT led product innovation. MBA from University of Melbourne and BTech from NIT-Durgapur. Worked with Google, TechM, Wipro and Motorola Inc.

3) Priyanka Kumar - BTech in Computer Science from NIT-D, Responsible for Business Operations & Finance. Worked with Wipro, Pitney Bowes, Wind River and Motorola

4) Rajan Bhatnagar - BTech - IIT, Roorkee and M-Tech - IIT, Delhi. He leads the Global Sales & US Market Strategy at LivNSense. Worked with Capgemini and multiple startups

5) Ajatashatru Singh - BTech in Electrical Engineering from NIT-J, He leads the Engineering and Delivery at LivNSense. Worked with Bosch and Huawei



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