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Lissy Biju of Coral Exports

Great Companies: Can you please tell a little about Coral Exports?

Lissy Biju: Today, Coral exports has almost 12 years of experience. Since then, me and my team have taken small steps towards our company objective. We started with the exports of value added chilled products to Europe and now have also started with frozen seafood exports around the world. Started in a small set up unit in kanyakumari, today it has stretched itself to the either coast of India. Our main centers are Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kochi and Tamil Nadu. Today we have experience in sourcing and processing all kinds of seafood and we have markets all around the world.

Great Companies: What are the main services Coral Exports provide to its customers?

Lissy Biju: We believe in developing and providing value added products for our customers.Value addition to products comes along with experience. We are also proud that we have developed exclusive and novel products for the market

Great Companies: How do you manage your customers?

Lissy Biju: I started my journey through trading in the seafood industry. I have always handled my customers from all the countries personally. I have ensured that Coral exports maintain the one-one relationship with the customers.We have maintained our old customers for 12 years.

Great Companies: What is the main objective of Coral Exports?

Lissy Biju:Coral exports aims at developing a market with high quality, value added products which promotes sustainable fishing.

Great Companies:  What is the main reason behind the success of Coral Exports ?

Lissy Biju: Commitment and perseverance of my team.  



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