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Level Up Live LLC, One of the most promising SMEs Brands to watch for in 2023

Company Name :

Level Up Live LLC

Founders Name :

Tyler Harris & Tom Chiarella

City : Midway

Country : United States

Founded In ( Year): 2019

Employee Size: 1-10 employees

Funding : Angel Funding

Business Models: Business to Business (B2B)

Business Category: Technology

Website URL:

Company Detail

What does your company do We invented a firearms target made of armored steel that detects hits, tracks shot and relays data back to the training participant. We also create highly advanced software for tracking and analyzing shooting performance. We do not sell firearms, we do not participate in violence or violent rhetoric of any kind. We are the other side of the firearms world. Responsible, safe, fun yet challenging. We are the first company to build a recurring revenue model for the gun range, make it safer, and something people actually want to go an do. This includes airsoft gaming and ranges also. Projected to be $8 Billion dollar company for Airsoft. This includes a 3 year contract overseas to build 22 smart shooters labs. We are going to revenue this year, and we will be making a big impact. Contracts are already in place. Nobody has heard of us yet, everyone will know us.

How you innovated or reinvented yourself or your business during the pandemic, the economic ups and downs, or other challenges?

The pandemic offered us a chance to build hardware, test hardware and continue heavy R&D without immediate pressure to get to revenue. It allowed us time to enter the market, strategically and how we desired.

Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You

We have the most innovative technology to enter the airsoft industry ever, and we're the ONLY company that possesses this disruptive technology. We are partners with the global leaders of the industry for manufacturing, sales, logistics, etc. This gives us much credibility within the market too!

Future Roadmap

Q1, 2023 - Finalize Product Pricing with manufacturer, Q2. 2023 Go to rev, (Goal $3M sales) via partner channel sales globally for installs of our smart range systems. Begin selling and collecting customer deposits. 12 accounts = $3M Revenue for the quarter, not hard to get. Q3, 2023 - Continue sales, building out install team, Series A - $60M - $100M valuation. Break Ground on partner range overseas. Q4, 2023 - Have recurring revenue from our software co, ammo co, and airsoft co. Boom. expand operations, plan and execute to scale for 2024

Founder's experience and background

I'm a Cambridge Grad from the UK. I'm a Chartered and Syndicate Member of the Oxbridge Angels, a London based VC firm. I come from Technology, cutting my teeth at Tableau Software and learning I had a knack for tech sales. My partner Tom Chiarella, sold his first compnay in the Bay Area called "Questra." It sold for nearly $300 million. it was an IOT company that sprouted out of Xerox. Tom ran it and now understand everything IOT. He's our lead engineer, designer and tech builder. His wife, Sharon Chiarella was also named by Forbes to be a top ranking woman in tech. She is a senior executive at Netflix currently. We get to cheat a little, and lean on some of her expertise every now and then.



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