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Leucine Rich Bio, Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award Winner 2021

Company Name: Leucine Rich Bio

Founder Name: Kumar Sankaran

Category and Sub-Category: Health & Wellness

City: Bangalore

Year of Founding: 2014

Can you provide us with a description about your Brand / Company:

Leucine Rich Bio is South Asia's first Microbiome company. We have developed a gut microbiome profiling test, namely BugSpeaks. The report features “disease susceptibility index”, three phase customized nutritional recommendation and personalized supplement recommendation based on the intestinal microflora.

USP / Competitive Advantage:

We are the only company that has commercialized a microbiome test in India. Our USP is our technology can detect any chronic or lifestyle diseases very early and provide inputs to reverse it.

Your accomplishments, milestones achieved so far:

We have commercialized our test pan India and have started International operations too. We have been recognized as pioneers in this domain and have been featured in multiple market research reports.

Target Customers:

Consumers with diabetes, obesity, depression or even cancer.



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