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Leonard Jackson, Founder at Ambipalm Health Private Limited

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Leonard Jackson: In 2016, I lost my younger brother through a motorbike accident in Kolkata and the primary reason being, he couldn't find an ambulance on time. This made me think about our Transport Medical System in India and like my brother, there are thousands who face the same challenge. In a country where ordering food, groceries, etc. are delivered in 15 minutes then why not have something for more critical life situations. This is when Doris, my wife along with my other business partner, Kameron Abraham decided to develop an App that works similar to a cab hailing service that would help patients during emergencies or planned hospital visits get transport when needed with a few clicks from an App available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by AMBIPALM HEALTH PRIVATE LIMITED

Leonard Jackson:

1) Currently, we provide ambulance services which is a paid feature.

2) We also have a Blood Donation feature which is FREE OF COST for our users looking to find different kinds of blood type.

3) We have something else known as AmbiTales which are short graphic stories that give a lot of information about the current happenings like Covid, Nutrition, etc., this is also a free feature.

4) In about 2 months, we are launching our full blown Nutrition App called NutriPalm.

Our vision is to become a One Stop Solution for all medical needs. Therefore, we plan to launch Online Pharmacy, Lab Diagnostics, Online Doctor Consultation as well in the months to come.

Great Companies: What makes AMBIPALM HEALTH PRIVATE LIMITED different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Leonard Jackson:

The biggest USP is what we've built in the App which is one of its kind called "Negotiations'. Based on our initial experience and study, we noticed that a country like India which is diversified when it comes to income and since a lot can't afford an ambulance even during an emergency, wants to negotiate the price.

The current players in the market make the most of these patients' situations and overcharge the customers. By introducing the Negotiations feature, we've given the "POWER BACK TO THE CUSTOMER" to get an ambulance that is pocket friendly. Pricing during a medical transport should be the least of the patient's worries during travel and we have been able to bridge that gap through our App and also through our call center support. As a strong tech company, we have made all our processes automated to avoid human error.

Another strong point that makes us different from others in India is that since one of our Founders is from the US, we follow US standard SLAs for all our operations. This has been recognised and appreciated by many of our customers that we even had one user review us on Google, mentioning that he didn't feel like he was in India while using our services. There are other factors that also make us different like Lowest Price Guaranteed, 'Patients before Profits' policy which enables us to cater to our patients more effectively and professionally.