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Kuunal Malhotra- Managing Partner of Autobarn Inc.

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling us a little bit about Autobarn Inc.?

Kuunal Malhotra: Autobarn Inc. is a Multi-Brand New Car dealer being a Facilitator between the Customers & Car-dealers. We are currently operating on 3 cities- Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar and Siliguri. Having served over 1000+ customers, we offer world-class services in the field of Car Sales- New and Old, Car Insurances New and Renewals, Car Accessories and Car Finance services.

Great Companies: How did Autobarn Inc. come into being? How has Autobarn Inc. been successful in building a prosperous business over the course of 11 years?

Kuunal Malhotra: Autobarn Inc. is the brain child of siblings Risshe and Kuunal Malhotra. Established in 2008 in Kolkata as the Elite Multi-Brand Car Facilitator and having sold over 1000+ cars to customers spread across Eastern India, Autobarn Inc. has gained the trust of its loyal customers old and new, by providing expert unbiased advice and suggestion to help each customer choose and buy the car of their dreams that best fits their need and budget- aptly coined-A Car for every Price and Purpose !!! All this at the Best Rates possible !

Great Companies: What kind of special services does Autobarn Inc. provide to its clients? 

Kuunal Malhotra: Autobarn Inc. is a Multi-Brand Car dealer being a Facilitator between the Customers & Car-dealers, help customers choose a car by offering advice and suggestions based on our understanding of the customer's needs, followed by test drives and finally working out the Best possible pricing for customers. Thereafter, finally delivering the car along with all valid documentations. Our services and connection with the customer continue with follow-ups on Car Insurance Renewals and Insurance Claims, Tax Renewals, Driving License Application and Renewals, Car servicing, Car Accessories and Add-on products like GPS based car tracking devices.

Great Companies: What challenge do you face while handling the business? How do you overcome it?

Kuunal Malhotra: Initially, we faced concerns about our exact role in the sale of a New car, being a completely new segment of the ever-growing passenger-car market. With different marketing tools and customer learning exercises like we were able to convince the initial about the quality and efficiency of the services that we provide. [One such ad-work is attached for your reference].

Great Companies: You have recently opened a showroom in Bhubaneswar. Can you tell us a little bit about it? Do you plan to open various showrooms all over the nation over the years?

Kuunal Malhotra: Opening of the Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) followed by the opening of our office in Siliguri (North Bengal) was a very strategic and viable decision. Bhubaneshwar and Siliguri sit perfectly in our plan of expansion in the region, as they are both untapped areas for the Special and personalised services we at Autobarn Inc. offer all our customers . As for the opening stores all over the country-that is something we are very much looking at doing over the next 3-4 years once we have built a strong base in our home territory.



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