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Krishnan Kumar Singh of Krish Enterprises

Great Companies: What are the various services and products that you provide? Krishan Kumar Singh: we provide shoe uppers and design the shoe accordingly to the brand.

Great Companies: How do you ensure the efficiency of your work? Krishan Kumar Singh: we ensure the efficiency by the number of contracts we gets to make the shoe upper

Great Companies:  Why do your customers select you over your competitors? Krishan Kumar Singh: buisness always work with trust and quality and we provide both trust and quality to the company.

Great Companies:  What are the major issues faced while running this business? Krishan Kumar Singh: Major issues faced by us is the market value that is always according to the seasons . People generally prefer shoes  in winter season therefore our orders became more in winter rather than in summer season.

Great Companies:  What led you to this field? Krishan Kumar Singh: well I was inspired by many of my friends doing shoe designing so I prefer to be a shoe designer then it took me 10 year to set up my own business.



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