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Kishor Ajmeri of Annu bali horticultural services

Great Companies: What are the various services and products that you provide?

Kishor Ajmeri:· Landscape development and all horticulture related services. Garden development work, farmhouse development, fruit crop plantation, terrace garden, all garden and horticulture related produts. Also have services for hanging garden and wall garden. Maintenance and consultancy work is also done by my company.

Great Companies: How do you ensure the efficiency of your work?

Kishor Ajmeri:· I dont need to prove my work as when i finish it’s result is seen on its own and the clients do trust my work, as i am a field worker. Nature shows my hard work. There is a saying in my field that if we do work hard and nourish the plant, give proper care and food water it will for sure give good results.

Great Companies:  Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Kishor Ajmeri:· As i provide good quality of work and i always keep transparency. Due to my good work many of my clients refer me and i maintain my relation well. My work speak not me. I also get repeat orders because my clients are happy with my work.

Great Companies:  What are the major issues faced while running this business?

Kishor Ajmeri:· As i was new in the market and having zero experience so people were afraid of my work. There was also difficult to find work

Great Companies: How do you come up with new ideas and trends?

Kishor Ajmeri:· I am a nature lover so i love to explore new places and make visit to it. From that i get ideas and planes for further work. Going with the trend i also follow basic rules for plantation. Above all this i have 20 years of experience in this field.





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