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Kirti Lokhande- Owner of Kirti Lokhande Photography

Great Companies: How has fourteen years of experience shaped Kirti Lokhande Photography ? Kirti Lokhande: 14 years has been quite a journey for me & my photography unit. Mumbai is where I learnt photography and made my early connections in this field. I am currently based in Bangalore but that hasn’t limited me from working in any market. I have worked across various industries doing commercial photography. My clients vary from The Jindals to Hinduja group to Britannia Industries to Astral Pipes, Ishtaa Jewellery to Dell Laptops. Along with larger groups I have also done some very interesting products like Teamonk, Ojus Genetarors, Phonak, B&B Tripplewall containers, Arnav Jewellery and many more. What I have enjoyed the most is the opportunity to interact with people from varied backgrounds & industries, understanding their business, getting to know new perspectives.  A learner attitude has made my journey interesting and I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go.

Great Companies: What is the vision behind Kirti Lokhande Photography? Kirti Lokhande: Vision –Photography is not about clicking images of people, product or places. It is about capturing deeper meanings, creating perceptions, building aspirations in the minds of the consumers. My vision is to bring it all alive for the brand as per their desired objective.

Great Companies: What sets Kirti Lokhande Photography aside from the rest? Kirti Lokhande: Dare to fail. Ready to Innovate is what sets me apart from the rest. I remember way back in 2004 when I was learning photography, for a Dahihandi event I wanted to click pictures from the top. And instead of standing on a bridge or above a building, I chose to go hanging on a rope between 2 buildings. I got the best images. I am in constant search of innovative use of techniques, equipment & methods to achieve desired results. Everytime we innovate, we learn, we refine and we evolve with better methods and eventually we do achieve outstanding results. My training in Shari and along with some of the best men behind to camera has helped me hone my skills and abilities to set me apart from the rest.

Great Companies: What would you say is the complete package provided by Kirti Lokhande Photography? Kirti Lokhande: I do Commercial photography irrespective of any industry. My approach to executing any assignment is more than just understanding the product. I engage with the client to understand their brand, service and their objective. I work along with agencies and with direct clients. With direct clients I work closely even to conceptualise advertisements for their brands as well. And in this process, all the photography that is done gets used in all advertising formats like Digital, Print & OOH, investor pitches, corporate presentations. You can find my work on or you can follow me on Instagram. I am also a Lens Ambassador for Carl Zeiss Photography Lenses, India. Apart from photography, I also conduct workshops. I believe we learn more when we share our learnings. I have conducted workshops for the IIT Mumbai, Wipro, Zeiss and for various other. Photography/Videography/Workshops Great Companies: What would you say is something only Kriti Lokhande Photography can provide? Kirti Lokhande: Kirti Lokhande Photography provides services that meet unique client needs. No two products, celebrities, videos or marketing campaigns are alike. An advertising photographer must be able to craft each image to match the vision for that project. At Kirti Lokhande Photography, this is what I do. Custom photography for brands based on their individual needs and vision. Catering to clients in this way allows me to deliver iconic images that are timeless and identifiable and truly stand-out in the marketplace. 



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