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Kirthi Thakur of Jhumar Luxury Lighting House

Great Companies: What all services does your company provides?

Kirthi Thakur: We are a one stop lighting solution. Our Services start from being your lighting consultant, as a designer and full end to end service provider. We majorly use modern LED products with advanced & sustainable solutions that offer better reliability, usability and peace of mind. We offer a broad range of lighting needs for residential and commercial spaces to address any demand. 

Great Companies: Who are your target customers?

Kirthi Thakur: Broadly, our target customers are Builders, Developers, PMCs, Interior designers and Architects.  

Great Companies: How do you manage to cater the divergent needs of your customers?

Kirthi Thakur: We have our inhouse design consultants to carefully understand our customers need, so we are always looking for what we cannot do and adapt to it! We source products from different high quality brands in almost all fields of lights from different parts of the world.

Great Companies: What gives you an advantage over other lighting firms?

Kirthi Thakur: The soul of our company motto is quality of service. We take great pride in our after sales services. We are just a call away from our customers. Besides this, our range of products are a result of careful hand-picked products from around the world to meet the distinct taste in design for our customers.

Great Companies: What is your vision and mission?

Kirthi Thakur: Since this is a very young firm, we would love to experiment with our products. For instance, exploring automation fused into the design and other such latest technologies with time. Our mission is to associate Jhumar as an ‘A’ class service and our long term vision is to have the brand 'Jhumar' expand outside of Hyderabad and hopefully cross national and international barriers.



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