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Kiran Shah of Sunrise Home Solutions

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling us a little bit about Sunrise Home solutions?

Kiran Shah: Sunrise Home Solutions is a premium retail store with 4 floors of the world's most luxurious home solution brands for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms and Living spaces. Choices are vast for modular Kitchens & home appliances, modular wardrobes & Interiors , home automation & lifestyle accessories including Audio/Video solutions and hand-made comfortable beds. These include brands such as Kohler, Miele, Hastens, Lutron, 3M etc. The store is centrally located, with ample parking and easy access to be visited, deliver and service Bangalore's best residential localities. Sunrise has in over a decade, won the confidence of a vast clientele that includes residential projects of top builders, best architects and elite homes.    Great Companies: How did Sunrise Home Solutions into being? What is its success mantra?Kiran Shah: We call the Sunrise experience - Experience Iconic Brands. Our success mantra is to offer an Experience of the best brands that is truly iconic for the customers. Not only do we present these brands with stylish display, the range on offer is unparalleled in the market today. Furthermore, our market experience helps us help the customer make an appropriate choice, by reccomending what fits best to their budget, space and utility. Post purchase experience too, is a vital part of our focus, with delivery, installation and service being offered to ensure pride of ownership. 

Great Companies: Do you have your own interior design and space planning staff? What are their accreditations and experience?

Kiran Shah:  Yes, we offer an in house design and space planning service, especially for modular kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms and utility products to help the customer realise what are the best permutations to suit their requirement from the vast choice at Sunrise.   The in-house staff is trained with multi-national brands and are associated with Sunrise for over a decade now.

Great Companies: What Sunrise Home Solution’s idea of great service, and how do you enforce it?

Kiran Shah: Great Service is optimally planning & designing the space as a blend of form and functionality ( Bathrooms / Kitchens / Bedrooms and Living Rooms ) followed by execution of the plan as per the design. The twin value of time and money are both key anchors of the service philosophy at Sunrise.  Great Companies: What is the biggest and the most challenging project you have worked so far? 

Kiran Shah: We measure big by the scope to learn and be part of something visionary, so while scale of  previous projects have been much larger, our most enjoyable challenge was a Home Automation project at Kurnool, AP. 



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