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Kiran K Addala, Head of India Business at JBrown India

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by JBrown India

Kiran K Addala: JBrown India is an Indian entity of UK real estate brand, our services in India cater Indian clients who would like to own a residential property in London.We help them with 360 degree service from identifying London property in preferred location, refer accountancy & legal service for International transactions advice, consult on getting best deal and help with property management services by London team.In India we are helping our 'JBrown elite club members' in finding luxury second homes in holiday destinations such as Alibag & Goa.

Over the last 4 years, Jbrown has played a defining role in shaping what the uber-luxury London stay for an Indian HNI family desires on a business stay , family holiday, or even a stay for your children / grandchildren whilst they are studying & working in London and peace of mind for them having not to worry about high rental bills in early stage of their London life . And while a few Indian elite families have had the chance to own a London home there were hundreds of other Indian High Net-worth Families who could not experience the unique London home owner status and ease of London stay as they yet to find a trusted London consultant who can make their London property purchase journey hassle free. JBrown India an International real estate consultancy brand has been created to craft contemporary, comfortable for the discerning London business , holiday and educational travellers. We launched with handfull of choices for London homes to your families

Great Companies: What makes JBrown India different from hundreds of other International Real estate firms?

Kiran K Addala:

Our cross boarder presence both in India and London. JBROWN Live, Feel, Love , Care factors of London properties to our customers

Live London

Beautiful Homes

JBrown's Every London inventory and developer choice is handpicked amongst the best developments in London. Extending to you everything you desire and to inspire a new way of London stay and living for you and your family. Each development and location has its own unique story to tell and its myriad experiences to remember. These London inventory developers have paid attention to every last detail: the perfect view, the cosiest spot in the house, the way the floors feel on your feet and the way the natural light shines through.

Feel London Home


Finding a London property & living translates into creating the most heartfelt and exuberant memories. It means being spoilt by the warmth of a team that is thoughtful and thorough in its detail. It promises intuitive customer service, care and a friendly environment that surrounds. We strive to make you feel extra special with everything that we do in helping you find your London home. Our happiness lies in your happiness.

Love London

Amazing Locations

You will discover London stay & living in both the most popular destinations as well as the offbeat, surprising ones. We handpick properties with the finest neighbourhoods and approve only the most qualitative infrastructure, beautiful design, impressive layout and bountiful natural beauty. And so we’ve put your London home on the map of the world, in the location that we’ve imagined to be on your London wish list.

JBrown London Property care

Awesome experiences

When you purchase your London property with JBrown, you will level up in the domain of amazing customer service experiences.To rent your London flat when you are not around, take care of property management and make most of rental yields

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for JBrown India?

Kiran K Addala: We want to be 'go to company' for every Indian family who are actively looking for London property. We would like to strengthen our relocation services from India to the UK helping families and Indian companies expanding to or have presence in the UK.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Kiran K Addala: Entrepreneurship is a great quality, if you have an opportunity to try any product or service which has market place 'go for it' with very positive mindset. Experience hurdles with pragmatic approach and solution oriented service, strengthen your abilities to face real world and build a scalable & sustainable business. Learn every day, action your plans.

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1 Comment

Arya Addala
Arya Addala
Aug 24, 2021


My Dad is Awesome!!

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