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Khushboo Kuril - Founder of Mimo Creation

Great Companies: Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become an artist and designer?

Khushboo Kuril : Since my childhood i was extremely crazy about drawings and craft. I was so into my drawings since my school days and i never wanted to miss any of the art festival and drawing competition and as i grew up so i planned to get my verified degree in Commercial Art and now i m a Commercial Artist from a very well known college in Mumbai.

Great Companies: What makes Mimo Creation different from hundreds of other digital handmade paintings firms?

Khushboo Kuril : We have started our journey on 12th April 2020. It has been almost six months now and the very first order we got from one of our friend which gave us a fabulous beginning to our business and since then we decided to create such handmade digital paintings and bring smile on our beloved customers.

We made sure that our painting should create a great impact on our customers and what they exactly want in that painting, should come up finally on the frame. We wanted a precious smile should be their on our customers face by looking at that frame. We give every second of our life just to make sure that our product should touch the heart of our customers.

Great Companies: What are the various types of handmade and Digital painting you create?

Khushboo Kuril : We do create every single type of painting whichever is demanded by our customer. Specifically, we are specialized in creating couple wedding painting and caricature. We do create customised transformation paintings . And recently we have started making bookmarks, visiting cards, posters and wedding invites [ any occasional invite].

Great Companies: What is your creation that makes you most proud?

Khushboo Kuril : I think each and every art piece which we make, it makes us proud and happy when it reaches to the customers and when they are satisfied by our product. The most proud moment for me was when my parents and my partner Ninad Wankhede [ Marketing Head ] support me towards my work and motivate me every single time.

Great Companies: What do you predict for the future of this kind of art? Where would you like to see it go?

Khushboo Kuril : I want these types of art should reach each and every people, so that they can recreate their past and future particular memories on the canvas through our painting. I feel very blessed that we got this gift from the God to paint someone's special memories of their life.

Great Companies: What would you say to young people who want to do your job?

Khushboo Kuril : I just want to say that just believe on the way of your working style and most importantly, be consistent and loyal to your customers.

"Don't Quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion".

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